The Day (unabridged)

A day full of procrastination, I wrote and introduction that is all, even then it wasn’t very long.

At about 2:30pm Sam called me up for Jessmyn’s number – which I didn’t have. We contemplated the nuances (and here I think I’ve greatly abused the definiton of a word) of going to Youth Alive but changed or minds or actually just decided not to bother.

Instead she walked down, we took Job (the dog) for a walk and then went up to Morrison’s for afternoon tea.

We shared talk and lime and coconut tart. I was extremely pleased to be spending time with her outside of YITS and car travel. It’s been a fairly slow getting to know eachother, considering it’ almost been four years.

Sam is beautifully easy going, laughs a lot, is encouraging, willing to talk and has some of the spontenaity which I lack – that saying, I have some of the descision making ability she lacks. It works well.

I felt free enough to ask her what’s life like (deeper implications) knowing very well if you ask that question you can expect it back. We spent almost 2hrs up there. The nicest Saturday afternoon I’ve spent with a friend in quite a while. Thank you God.
(and thank you Sam – for when you eventually get back on your computer).

I had a fairly disturbing dream last night about Monica stuff. I was in the dream, not just an external. Mind’s produce some dark images when unattended. I remember only enough of an unfamiliar setting, a less familiar time and a running/hiding to get away from him/them. Then I later dreamt I was telling/knowing I had dreamt that. Mirror to mirror curiosity.
I want to talk to her as soon as Monday comes.

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  1. said:

    *runs away from the evil picture of Sam* yay for me not being photogenic at all! thanks bec… *hugs*

    September 5, 2005

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