Waffles and um Tea

I should right now be doing a New Testament Journal thing however I figure I can do one tomorrow between Group Focus, dinner and Youth Ministry. I have to have two done by Friday. So much for being organised. My essay on Censorship got delayed almost two weeks and I only finished it about midday today (seeing as we only have afternoon classes on Tuesdays)due Friday. So I was finishing the essay, making lunch (well ok Sam did that for me 🙂 Thanks Sam!)and trying to find a couple of photos I wanted to use free photo printing voucher on all at once… that and um :”) finishing talking to people on msn, shoving stuff in my bag, talking to Jess and semi-regretting I didn’t get more done earlier.

Interesting conversation this morning with Burkie. Have been stuck a bit in the rut of ‘going through the motions’ deal re: God stuff. Ie. Iwant more, aren’t doing much about it/’not feeling it’ (which is a shocking way to define how well relationship with God is – but yes). Reading the Bible – but not with much intention. Getting stuck in the Pslams because its ‘easy’. Recognising some lost habits that I used to have of reading something after I woke up (waking up in time to actually do so), the easier position of getting thoughts tied up elsewhere. I felt much more challenged (felt like I was being stretched more, growing more) last semester. Possible that my crummy attitude over the holidays and my issues with faith and doubt impacted some of that. Prayer would be good. I need to get off my butt a bit more, work on where thinking wanders (which is always elsewhere).

Put the photos in, headed to class, had a good dose of Nelly Furtado and an interesting conversation about something or other with Sam and Jess of which I can’t remember at all now. Emma gave us all a cheery hello :), the Caf was packed – as it generally is on a Tuesday. Talked to Tom, Jess H, Michael, Emma and Sara. Ate lunch.

Went to class. NT was a bit boring, but made a bit more sense as I decided to concentrate and take notes and answered questions because most people were in a non-answering mood or something (noticed that any replies were between about 5 of us – funny how that is). Sat next to Mark and Clare – would like to get to know her better. Was good to be sitting with less familiar people.

Afternoon break, I wandered up again to the Caf with Clare – was thoroughly uninspired by the mandarins I bought to eat so bought half a brownie (the small size) SO GOOD. Jess grabbed me before Gathering started (which we probably should always go to) and said we were going to pick up the photos as she couldn’t do it later. Sped through the school zones despite the time, and ran to where Jess got her photos straight away while I had to wait while the girl serving me searched aimlessly for my order and found them five minutes later where she looked in the first place. We ran back to the car, and caught a fairly good run back to Tabor. We were a bit late – arriving but they were late starting, so we essentially got back early.

Jess had to go check out some location for the end of year formal thing, so left us to find a way home. Mark/Michael offered as they live over our way, but I managed to get Iain as he’s heaps closer. Hung around after class for quite a while talking. 5:00 I decided to hurry them up. Got petrol/gas – gas I think. Bad traffic. Iain bought himself pringles for late lunch ?! I ate lots of them.

hmm. good opportunity for yits person ‘profile’.

Oldest of all of the ‘Yits’ers’. He’s 22. His mum worked at our school – I ironically emptied her bin all of last year (the joy’s of Friday Cleanup) so know her a bit. He doesn’t work, lives at home and scabs a bit – rather proud of it (or pretends to be). Funny sense of humor, generous and although professes to not have ‘grown up’ – is genuine in asking how things are going. However ‘immature’ someone may be (or claim to be), age definitely makes a difference, you only have to talk to them to get that impression. He plays wheelchair basketball and often brings it (the chair) and his spare one to Tabor – which usually results in races up/down the road – or actual wheelchair basketball, or other general use for fun. I’ve had a try or two- Wednesday evenings are good for that. Iain doesn’t use it for normalness, does need it for basketball. hmm so yes. That’s Iain – roughly.

So eventually got home. Dinner. Cleaned room (not because I was mad or anything 😛 Sam, but decided I couldn’t concentrate with paper and other stuff on the floor), Shower, refined Censorship essay (which I wont share because a) it’s boring and b) it could be better). Then the intention to do NT journal.

Which brings me right back to the start.
That was my day.

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  1. said:

    it was my pleasure to make your lunch… *smiles*

    and yes, burkie is good to talk to isnt he…

    and the brownies have gone down hill for me… they put the nuts back in them… *shudders*

    cleaning room huh…

    September 13, 2005

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