Mind games

This morning, Jess had to visit a potential formal location with Mark and Emma, and was frustrating in telling Sam and I not to come in with her ie: wait in the car. Sam, I honestly do enjoy spending time w/ you I was just seriously annoyed at Jess and her Jessishness… and maybe because I don’t like being told I can’t just because I can’t. I got over it fairly quickly, until she was late – which resulted in us being half an hour late to class. I don’t like being late, I’d much rather be early.

Event Management stuff first up, which is slowly evolving into a constrained nightmare. Jane is my lifeline, Dave my right arm and the rest either a) do their job b) are entirely passive and need to be told every minor little thing. We are organising the end of year Tabor party (all of College). Finally got around to sitting down with Dawn and Michael and making them go through and work out what they were doing for Gatherings. Dave had a stab at timelining (I don’t envy him one bit), Jane worked on budget proposal for the SRC (Burkie, tell Rohan to be nice and give us more money:).

Anyway as I said to Katie at about 11:00 this morning, “I am socially fried.”
Was wanting isolation above anything else in the world – that and sleep. I’m guessing my ‘lack of’ has finally caught up with me.

Caf at lunch was horrendously busy. Rachel was away and Emma’s feet are rather stuffed so Jess H and Kym helped out. Everything ran out. So I spent time cutting up salad between the standard doing of millions of dishes. Marko took over half the kitchen making his ‘awesome f-bomb pancakes’ (f for fluffy….)

Group focus finished early. Went for Coffee with a group of the other girls. Came back and mindlessly watched Marko, Dave and Iain play poker.

A rather draining Wednesday – the day of which I usually love. Break time, I paid for half a brownie (so a small one) and Kat gives me a big one which I contested a little, she ate a rather large chunk before giving it to me…

I wagged gathering as I couldn’t stand one more person talking about missions and sat infront of the heater, Katie came and chatted to me 🙂 much thanks.

Had to present 3D symbols in Youth Min. Did a fairly crummy job at saying what I intended, was not mentally ready to talk so semi-nervous. Warwick frustratingly picked random people from the list instead of working systematically (order would have been entirely beneficial for my brain tonight). My normally ‘talkative’ class (the one where I participate quite a lot) I rendered with silence as my brain was on autopilot. Alecia’s cool.

the 3D symbol which I might explain some other time (about ‘making disciples’)

So before I end entirely like I’ve had a crap day, it hasn’t really been one at all, just rather mindless and annoyingly peopleless for the last day before holidays. Work tomorrow. I badly need sleep.

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  1. said:

    mmm, bec. i agree. i dont like being late either. it goes against my nature.

    caf duty sucks when its busy…

    and Lexie is cool…

    September 15, 2005

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