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Spent yesterday evening with the ‘schoolie girls’ ie: Jess D, Jacqui, Ana, Jess W, Laura to arrange a weekend away later in October. Seems as if we are doing the Rye thing again – suits me, accomodation is cheap, the back-beach is within walking distance. Laura confirmed that today, which saves a lot of bother about finding somewhere up Mansfield way etc… they mentioned wanting to go for a trail ride which I think I would have opted out of. Not that the general idea isn’t appealing, but last time I couldn’t move for about two weeks after (and not just because of the general soreness of riding, from landing after the horse went awol). Yeah, early morning walks along the beach sound much nicer.

Drive to Jess’s place, had to go via Coldstream to drop Hannah at Chris’ place, most beautiful sky I’ve seen in ages. Looked as if someone had brushed the yellow up into the angry blue, no gradual merging of one into the other as it usually is. Which led me to lament the lack of having my P’s, I would like to be able to drive out there whenever I so desire. So maybe green hills and open spaces eat at my insides…

I’ll miss out on Mel and Aydan’s engagement party because of being away :\ bit annoyed about that, would have been a good opportunity to see some people I haven’t in ages.

Thoughts on this holiday, however unappealing it first sounded. And I believe the unappealing aspect was because my last holidays/experience of being away were so bad. I think that I need it.

I need to get more sleep.
I need to get away from the computer.
I need space away from home to do some thinking.
I need a chance to break a few routines that I get so easily stuck in.
Aside from that,
photo taking opportunities will be good
being socially reclusive might do me well
long walks in wild places are always welcome
and it will be warmer than Melbourne.

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