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Made it to 8:30 (sleeping). Then managed to haul myself out of bed to finish NT journal – which is due today. Had a splitting headache, gone now mostly. Its 11ish now. Jess is picking Sam and I up around 11:30 I’m still in my pj’s (however you spell that word fuly), better do something about that soon. Have to get the train home all alone, what a poo, so can’t be stuffed. Oooh. better idea… maybe just maybe I could get the other girls just to take mine in. That would be BRILLIANT. I will pay Jess if necessary. Hmm nice.
Anyway it feels a bit like holidays now (excusing what I have do homework wise while camping) I refuse to think about that just yet. Might call Jess again and she can take assignments for me. That would be 😀 and save an awful lot of bother.
🙂 here’s to a boring blog entry.
also… will set up gmail account later today (thanks Tom) seeing as kastanet has been spitting the dummy on me and not letting Rowan/YITS send me any info. I’ll see how it is and then decide whether or not to actually use it for other purposes.
You will get an email if I decide to change.

NB: I’ll be heading off to the Flinders Ranges/Adelaide on Sunday for two whole weeks. Should be back by the 3rd of October. So expect silence from here. I dare say journal will come with me, and I might have some internet acess at friends place in adelaide, 🙂 send me emails so I have something to read when I get back. Will have phone on me, not sure if there will be a lot of reception though – ha as per usual.

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