Farmers Union

11:44pm VIC(time) 28/9/05

I spent all day here alone doing my assignment; the rest went to Hahndorf (German historic village thing). I didn’t mind, I wanted the time alone. I got it done eventually, it took me a while to get started, fairly happy with the result.
Got on msn for a bit. Some of those really good/important/decent conversations that get cut short – bit frustrating.

This evening we went to Hawkers corner via Officeworks. Wendy was buying a computer or something. Emily and Hannah were having fun with a label machine, after, “So long and thanks for all the fish”, Laura made me one, “Gush is my life” – I stuck on my wallet – Gush is hardly my life, but it’s a cool sticker. I made another, which I will send to a certain someone to deal with.

Hawker’s corner, if you are from Adelaide you probably know of it. Indian/Chinese/Malay/Thai food all in one. I had butter chicken and garlic nann, yum, ha despite curry having grown on me I’m a creature of habit. Butter Chicken hardly counts as curry – Em thought it was spicy – it wasn’t. (That’s Indian curry that has grown on me, Thai curry is not good at all). Anyway, I was in the line ordering and Hannah behind me, started laughing, and the older guy behind me gave me a funny look. Later I find out I have an, “Okapi are ace” sticker on my back… Hannah’s doing. The older guy pointed it out to her and she had to explain first that she put it there and that Okapi are animals.

In front of Laura and I was this pedantic freak of a woman (ok I’m tired) she was arguing her ordering with the poor guy behind the counter, acting kind of racist, it annoyed me, then she pulled out her calculator and gave a condescending scowl when the price was correct – had me to the point of rolling my eyes and a sorry smile (though I dare say I don’t give them very well, more like a ‘what a pain she is’ smile), I was nudging Laura who was being eternally patient, as always, I think she was as annoyed as I was.

During dinner, a younger guy hanging round waiting for empty plates and stuff – was interesting he was watching our table I think, that and the TV. I stood on his foot when we got up to leave – ha, sort of missed seeing him, such a me thing to do. Wendy doing her usual chattery thing, telling him that it was 5 years since we’d been there. I do remember it from last time. It’s worth an occasional visit, not much for eating atmosphere – too noisy for me, but that’s not why you go there. I was outrageously full afterwards

Also, what’s with South Australians and Farmers Union Iced Coffee? Sure it’s nice, but one of the highest selling drinks!

Played Trivial Pursuit when we got home, all of us but Mum – which is probably a good thing for the rest of us, she’s rather good. It was taking way too long, so we bent the rules a bit. I was losing badly, then made nice comeback and came a tied second with Dad. Wendy won. Majorly outdated, do they make a Gen Y version?

I’m tired now, not sure why, it’s not as if I’ve been doing a whole lot today.
Not as if I’m the hugest fan, but I do like the Delta Goodrem song, ‘Fragile’ – sort of rediscovered it today. It’s piano music a lot of her stuff– which is why I like it, that and she has an amazing voice, pity most of the songs are a bit clichéd.

Mmm anyway. Sleep perhaps. Not a clue what tomorrow holds. 🙂 the world for all I know.


  1. said:

    ok ok ok… to explain the love of Farmers Unioun Iced Coffee, from an ex South Aussie.
    easy. it is THE BEST! iced coffee to come out of a bottle, or carton! and you cant hardy get it in Victoria.. *evil look*
    (even though now it is getting more common)

    … and that sticker to a certian someone certianlly sounds… mysterious…

    (hope your still having a good time bec.. kinda miss seeing you on msn all the time :))

    September 29, 2005
  2. said:

    despite curry having grown on me I’m a creature of habit

    Noooo!! Don’t do it! Live a little! Try something new! Even it it’s asking the waiter what he would recommend! Don’t just get the same thing every single time!

    And as for being a bit noisy? HA! You should try a real Hawker’s market!

    September 29, 2005

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