A Caucasian Rebecca shaped mould

I don’t really know what to think.

It hasn’t been the best of days, nor the worst.

Nearly at the end of To Kill a Mockingbird where Tom Robinson is judged guilty (for those who are familiar with the book) when innocent- it’s been many years since I last read it. Which has made me so, so angry at the stupidness of the human race and their selfishness.

I saw a guy arrested tonight, or being led away at least. Perhaps this evoked the stronger reaction to the book? A young (possibly Sudanese – there are a few round this area) guy. Felt very, sad I guess. The police were doing their job, the guy was obviously in the wrong – I wasn’t a resentment or a speculative, “Oh, what’s he done?”. Just sad.

We were at Adelaide’s Central Market. I was smashing my head that I’d left the camera at home after offloading the card of this-morning’s photos of the National Motor Museum (Birdwood). Colour everywhere. A pity sometimes photos can’t entirely, if at all capture the smells, they reach an indisinguishable point where they blend in to one, tomatoes, with fish, with nuts, with olives. Patterns and shapes and smells and textures… makes me feel the ‘S’ side of my ‘N’ 😛

Dinner at the food court. Packed out with people. Hot. Smelt like every kind of asian food imaginable – which would be okay except I was feeling a bit sick, and hyper from having to eat so late. The guy where I got my Yiros (why don’t they call them Souvlaki’s or Kebabs in SA?) dumped onion and tatziki on mine before I could say no… I rather like hommus (just A LOT) and didn’t get any :\ I was too tired to complain. Very hard to find seats, we got some by hanging round waiting for people to finish eating, quite an accomplishment for seven people.

Hannah and I have been almost um, ‘chummy’ (?) the past few days. Hanging around waiting in the car, messing with photos with me. Then tonight she nearly walked into a guy – who also didn’t see her and he let out an almighty yell (this is in the middle of a crowded area). Very funny. I was the only one of us around her. Nice to share something like that.

And yes.
There was one thing more, but it is too hard to explain without knowing me and who I was and it’s kind of silly and I’m too tired. (enough suitable excuses?) You don’t need to know. It is not earth shattering, it just messed with my head that’s all.

So, my day:
Motor Museum
And a lot to mess with my head.


  1. said:

    you know bec, with that last statement you have made me very curious… but then again, im too curious for my own good…

    October 1, 2005
  2. said:

    sam, we know that much! 😛

    October 1, 2005

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