Well now

Another disrupted start to the day – exactly like yesterday with Dad coming in, turning on the light and me pretending and doing my best not to notice.

We didn’t get to church. Wendy is at the Theatre already having sound-checks, doing makeup/costume etc.
It is our great privaliage to see her in Oklahoma in about two hours time. Yippee!

I could get so hooked on ‘non-movie’/drama entertainment if not for being a bit short on $$$.

Instead, I had breakfast outside. Coffee when I felt like tea, simply because there is none. Going for a tea thing at the moment – very much so.

Online for a while. Had to get off in a hurry as dad wanted the email. Then Hannah bribed me for online time (me having the computer) – she now owes me a 30min massage. Great what you can make them do! Getting along superbly with her this morning – no idea why it is, we seem to suddenly ‘like eachother’ 😛

I started reading, The Broker (a John Grisham), it’s been a while since I’ve read a Grisham and he seems to reel them out fairly regularly. This one is fairly new. Good so far.

I wrote my ‘speech’ thingo for Wednesday when we have to do a 3min segment for Public Speaking in LifeSkills. I sat down at the computer and it practically wrote itself, I was rather pleased with the effort. All I have to do now is time it, and do it (the terrifying thing). Pity I can’t just write it and be done with it. Blerghness. I’ll live. Will have to phsych myself up sufficently first.

That’ll do for now.
What a boring ‘this is what I’m doing’
Ah well.

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