Taken aback by what’s part of normality and such discoveries

Blogger down yesterday night – hence nothing.

Just got home, I am the only one here. Not a clue where the rest are.
I should be walking Job. Actually I think I’ll do that now, will give me time to think….


6:18 now.

So much for thinking. If I did think, it just completely wiped from my brain.
I walked Job, left just as the others got in from their respective wherevers. Got home and wrote a card and some money to go thank Joan (across the road) and her kids for feeding and walking the dog.

The kids weren’t there – staying with their dad. Joan let me in, a standard, “Sorry the house is such a mess” comment (that a lot of women seem to use – or mums at least). I did the “Don’t worry about it” before I really looked around. To describe it, you could say, ‘a perfectionist’s nightmare’, but that’s too harsh. I like Joan. I wouldn’t pick her as a messy person. It was pretty bad.

I’ve always wondered why her curtains are always kepts shut. Now I sort of know why. She isn’t the worlds best off person – It’s not fair to say that was reflected, nor true. Just a different standard of living contrary to what I’m used to, we aren’t the best off. It is rude to speculate, unkind to judge. I guess I was just kind of shocked. I feel so – callous for reacting how I have, in feeling this way. I would go absolutely mad if I had to live like that.

What can you (I) do about it without intruding?
Should you even do anything about it? Is it right to?
Is it just about money or what?

blergh :S

Have to go eat now. More of what I was going to say later.

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