Double take

I managed to bump into Jess (D) and Jordy (Her friend from tafe) this morning on the train. I was rather surprised as they aren’t usually that early. Jordy was infront of me all the way from Lilydale and I didn’t realise (I have met her before). I was in blissful oblivion perhaps?

Insanely happy this morning – I don’t know why, maybe something to do with yesterday. I was a little reluctant to leave it (this rare euphoria) to talk to them. But seeing Jess was great, had a good talk – as much of one as you can have on a train anyway.

And the strangeness, I get on the train this afternoon and who should appear but Jess and Jordy again. What are the chances of that?!

Another double of the day:

Washed my hair twice in a row this evening. I do it occasionally. I entirely forget (yeh my mind goes even more haywire in strange places like the shower) until I dump the shampoo out. Or I am there doing the ‘Have I, haven’t I?” and usually give up and just do/redo it. I have a terrible memory for some things. Entirely blank.


Worked. Very receptionist type stuff, filing, photocopying, coffee, phones.

I also found out I probably wont have a job there next year, due to Mel coming on full time (we semi jobshare).
I don’t mind too much.
MBO has been a wonderful place to work, I scored a jackpot in it being a ‘first job’.
I confess wont mind the better pay and less travel time I can hopefully find elsewhere.

Dad mentioned that school has a job opening shortly (ie: applications) for a ‘graphics person’ to do newsletters (that really aren’t too bad) and other such things like school magazine. (Hey, guess who did the last one?! – mind you that was just Yr.12) They know me, and I have a very good foot in the door already. It’s 3mins drive from home. I know the people. I like the place (yeah sort of :P). Plenty of creative licence. The idea of it is VERY appealing.

The problem: 2 full days a week (maybe negoitable), and not knowing what’s happening with uni timetabling etc… yet – I don’t have much to go on regarding that.
I’d also have to contest with those with maybe more training than me applying for the job although, that’s less of a problem methinks.

Anyway. We shall see. I’d probably better pray about it. (maybe you could too 🙂

I really don’t want another ‘phoneish’ job. MBO is fairly light on that, but zero in the phone department would be like a ladder down from being stuck on a roof for me.

More later maybe.


  1. said:

    just a comment cause i could.

    yes.. i must admit it is rather odd meeting people you know at places where you didn’t know they would be… (does that make sense?)

    so, why were you so happy from yesterday bec bec? care to share?

    mmm.. a job.. should get one of those too…

    October 7, 2005
  2. Jo said:

    Oh my gosh Bec! I totally do the shower thing too… just being lost in your own little world, and forgetting trivial details like whether or not you’ve had a shower… so true! (just so you know you’re not the only forgetful doofus)
    Hmm… the job sounds gooooood!

    October 7, 2005

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