Feeding the fish, the mind and the bookself

Okay. A few things, some of which have just been fragments of uh, um thought I supose that I’ll dump here, some about the day, and some that might come to me as I write.

First. Tonight I pulled out the bit of yellow paper that had ‘Lecto Divina’ info on it from last week’s New Testament Class. To be honest I don’t know if I fully get it; what to use it with?, or how entirely it is meant to be different – whether it’s just a fancy name for some good things to think about while reading the Bible, or more, who knows? Whatever the case, I thought I’d find it half useful as I have been entirely slack in reading the Bible, and when I do, I usually do it with no structure in mind. I sometimes start books but then get sick of them. I continually find myself returning to Psalms because it is ‘easier’. Talked to God first about it (the reading thing), motivation and getting stuff out of it etc… and what He wants me to read. Randomly thought of the book of Daniel, so that’s where I went.

It worked really well. The frustrating thing for me about Lecto Divina is the fact that you end up reading the passage about four times all up. I don’t particularly like this kind of repitition and get bored with the same thing over and over. However this does mean, you get to know what you are reading very well and I guess in the long run, get more out of it.

Basically it’s:
Read the text twice: what words/phrases stand out to you?
Read the text again: How does the text make you feel? Who do you relate too most?
Read the text again: What is Jesus saying to you now?

So, I did all of chapter 1 as you sort of need the whole chunk or it’s all background on various kings overthrowing other various kings (Well, 🙂 maybe that’s just the first sentence or two).

Words that stuck out to me were, resolved (to do/be obedient to God through obeying the law) permission (how Daniel and co didn’t outright disobey human authority but asked first, showed respect) and remained (faithfulness resulted in a position where God could use him).
I don’t quite know at this point whether you are just meant to see what words stick out to you and stop there, but I generally just stick to conventions until they start to limit, so thoughts did extend beyond the identification of a word.

How the text made me feel: well along the lines of ‘impressed’ at Daniel/other’s strength at potentially having come from poor-average lifestyle into this royal court and totally ignoring the food and opting for the veggies. Impressed also at the courage in asking, in Daniel’s leadership of the other guys. A recognition that more isn’t always better, except that’s not really the point of the ‘story’ it’s more about obedience to God.

Relating to what character? This was a bit difficult, decided one of the ‘others’ in that willing to go along with the obedient stuff, but maybe not the vocal/proactive one. Which is kind of sucky, but I guess more true.

I had a bit to write (in my actual journal) about what I’m being told. Faithfulness/obedience are important even when you are in a less than desireable situation, God’s got a reason for you to be there even if you don’t know exactly why. I found it interesting that I got this when I guess I do have a bit of change coming up, with yits finishing, job finishing, uni starting – not just the future stuff, even um with gush – being ‘in charge’ for a little while.

The ‘experience’ was a positive one. I’m a bit annoyed that I can actually call it an experience, I’ve been that slack these past few months. Prayer please to continue reading, however that happens to eventuate or play out.


Observation while ‘reading over someone’s shoulder’ (the back of the magazine infront of me on the train). They are making The DaVinci Code into a movie.
I am not entirely impressed, it should stay a book. I will possibly go see it, however I think that it might freak me out a bit.

Slept until 9ish, when Laura woke me up. We had a ‘text and traditions’ (class) reunion 😛 without Mr.Youl – so Jess W, Laura, Reihnard and myself met for coffee (I being the only one who actually had coffee) up at Morrisons. Mine was free – being the frequent customer I am. Hooray for coffee cards! Had a decent catchup. Reihn, has met anotherpint (through uni) – always interesting to find out stuff like that. Um, we then wandered to the Fire Brigade’s garage sale, where I bought 5 books all of which I’ve never heard of before. $2.50 for the lot. They are in fairly good condition. I am pleased. Mum only had one of them (I found out later). Always dangerous buying books without her around, our house has so many books.
My bookshelf is now way too small. I have about 20 piled up around it on the floor.

For lunch, we (All of family bar Em, who was working) drove to my cousin’s place for lunch. My aunty Bronwyn is one of those people who makes three deserts instead of one, and um there were about five different lunch choices. She cooks brilliantly. I did however make the mistake of having some of the gourmet chicken salad that had mango in it (I did avoid the mango) but some must have still gotten to me, my throat has felt strangeish all afternoon (and still). A bit like when you burn your tongue – the fuzzy feeling, but all down my throat. I did know previously that I was a bit allergic to mangoes, I won’t be having that again. It’s not particualry sore, just annoying – a bit scratchy.

My uncle Paul keeps these ‘semi tropical’ fish. The yellow one’s have had babies, minute fish are cool. It reminded me of the tropical tank we had in the Solomons in 2001. Being in the correct environment (ah, I miss snorkelling over there 🙂 we got a stack of fish – mostly for free from an exporting place. Clownfish, Blue Tangs etc… and stole starfish, hermit crabs and salt water off the beach. So expensive to keep something like that running in Melbourne. My goldfish don’t get much attention as is, but they still survive. Probably more suited to my, ‘I no longer really care about fish’ attitude.

The main reason I went this afternoon was to see Naomi (my youngest cousin) she’s 10. Rather than stay home doing what homework sort of needed to be done. She sort of idolises me (or likes me more than the others for some reason), I often miss going to see them. She has this thing, where she likes ‘having her hair done by me’. She, got a camera, after being entralled by playing with our old one (I think perhaps my influence, haha). She’s got this amazing ability to stick something out. She’s not into the more exclusively ‘non-skill’ related stuff of most ten year olds. She’s done things like taken the incentive to learn to play piano. I promised her ages ago when I get my licence (slack me), that I’ll take her out for ‘coffee and stuff’ – I guess hey, if I can be a good influence, I’ll gladly take that responsibility. If say, a ‘mentoring’ position thing – yeah um I think that might be something God wants me to do.

I was a little concerned when I walked in and first saw Lauren. She’s 13/14. Yes going through that ‘growing’ stage, but she’s oh so thin :\ I thought Hannah was bad at one stage, but I think yeh. mmm. Nathan was as always, it’s hard to believe he’ll be 13 soon, he’s still such a little boy.

random quote I just got given:

Knowledge and personality make doubt possible, but knowledge is also the cure of doubt; and when we get a full and adequate sense of personality we are lifted into a region where doubt is almost impossible, for no man can know himself as he is, and all fullness of his nature, without also knowing God.
T. T. Munger

Um… what else was I going to say about stuff.

That’s right, Dave, I made a poster for the Tabor event. You didn’t send through that background graphic so I did something entirely different (purposefully to work in black and white, so we can cut down printing costs even more) I’ll bring it Monday for you to see. Still happy to use yours as well. I have put ‘draft info’ on it, as I don’t know complete details.
I think I’m at the point now where I can face the realities of doing the ‘admin stuff’ again for this stupid event. Gotten my head around some things. I will, I think tell people to get off their butts, and If I can I’ll join you in those various meetings on Monday – get the bottom of this ‘having to fundraise despite having a budget’.

Anyway, that has just about exhausted the words for tonight. I was going to put a stack of photos up for general interest (ie: holiday ones) and such, which I may still do tonight, if not at a later date.

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  1. katie said:

    hey bec…
    very useful of you to put the lectio devina stuff there 😉 cos i forgot all of it and if we had to do it on a particular passage or anything.
    so ta 🙂

    October 9, 2005

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