Promised photos


Well it is Sunday afternoon and I said I’d put some photos up (from when I was away) so here are a few, there are more over on the photo blog slowly more will get up there.

The lady with the very red hair is Wendy (whom we stayed with in Adelaide)
Click on the images for a better look.

Wendy and all of us (Emily, Dad, Wendy,Laura, Hannah, Myself)bar Mum, who looked around the town of Birdswood while we went to the Australian National Motor Museum.

Dad and I midway through the 14km walk thing. The top of Rawnsely’s Bluff. Dad told me he was self concious about looking like a park ranger 😛

Emily and I in the Woolshed Cafe. I was entirely stuffed (this is after Rawnsely’s Bluff)

And if you ever wanted to know where I work (what it) looks like, this is it.

Some park in Adelaide.

Um, that’ll do for now.

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