Hard Questions

Conversation over dinner was rather animated, it got fairly silly for some reason.

Hannah: “Everyone shutup! I’ve got my hand up.” (we just laughed at her)

Emily: “I’m seeing if I can get a reaction” (Emily poking me with a butter knife)
Mum: “She is human you know” *?*

hello to my strange family.



Stephen Said/T… whatever the other guy’s name is (Troy?)did the ‘special ministry topic’. Discussion etc. at first. It was interesting. All of it was a bit relevant after last night. Romans 12 made yet another apperance (?) I find both of their teaching style a little too full on, which is good for me, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to have things so that you could process them easier. In reality today all that I remember is talk about Pharasies (sp? is off) and the task to ‘meditate’ on the following this week:

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his ‘justice'” (Matt 6:33)

Which means, if you don’t mind, I will attempt to have conversations with some of you about it this week.

Spent a fair bit of time with Katie. Was good. She challenged me by asking some hard questions – I wasn’t overly equipped to answer them (for that I’m sorry Katie), some perhaps didn’t deserve answers I might/did attempt.

I was going through Daniel 2:1-13 which is about King Nebuc. getting cranky at the wisemen who can’t tell him and interpret his dream.
“I want to know what it means” – stood out to me.
It was an interesting passage to work out what on earth it could be challenging me on. That perhaps it’s okay as the ‘wise men’, as humans, not have the answers to everything and that we certainly cannot know how to answer without God’s help.
Also, when it is myself that has the questions, that taking them to God first and not to human wisdom is the better port of call. Not to say that God cannot speak though people.

Anyhoo, very interesting re: today.

Lunch/breaks spent time on the grass in the sun with mostly everyone.

Afternoon class. I wasn’t really entirely in the mood for Warwick today – how ever bad that sounds. A lot about ‘the vine’. Which is a bit interesting in what God has told me through that passage over the years. Noteably probably one of the first times I heard God when I was about 12. Amusing, lead up week with a heap of little things ‘biblical passages’ I guess being enacted out in a literal kind of way. Shall we say, I got ‘stabbed’ by a vine thingo 😛 That and the fruits of the Spirit thing has been biggish earlier this year.

A good day all up.

…aside from Centre Link’s kind notification of the cancellation of my Youth Allowance because I didn’t reply to some letter (of which I never even got). Botheration, now I have to call them.

oh btw. (yits people)

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  1. said:

    Arrrggghhh! bec!

    *grins* he he he… bring it on!

    and annoying centre link. dad still hanst got his stuff back from the accountant so i cant do the “family actual means test” yet…

    October 11, 2005

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