Tom has managed to coerce, Dave, Tilla and myself (I know not of any others as yet) to join him and thousands of others at Nanowrimo, which results in an excruciating (maybe) aim for a deadline. Write a 50,000 word novel/story in the month of November.

I warned him that it will be a halfhearted attempt as it is the last month of College, I have a massive assignment for youth ministry due, and our end of year camp.

We shall see.

(In exchange, Dave and I have made a pact to not allow Tom to exclude himself. Tilla is joining on the basis that she can create a ‘no writing on camp’ ban and feel the pain along with the rest of us – that and she probably wants to write :))

As for story ideas… hmm well yes. (Got FreeMind btw Tom, haven’t looked yet)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any creative writing, aside from a few stories last year for various SAC’s.

I think it could be quite fun. I somehow have to work out how to squash the perfectionist in me and not allow myself to get majorly frustrated by not meeting a goal (is that giving up before I even try?).

Anyway, not entirely sure what I’ve gotten myself in for :S?

username: moresaidlessdone (Bee was taken, so what if I use a spoof!) if you want to watch word count, alternatively you could actually join up and try it for yourself.

I have decided to cut back my late nights on msn and etc… nowish not for this, but for sensibilities sake. Muchly sorry to those I have very good late night conversations with, but these are hardly healthy sleeping habits. Kick me off by 11pm!

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  1. said:

    BUT BUT BUT, all our best talks are after 11pm. 🙁
    Not that I’m disagreeing about the healthy part.

    If it’s for the best….

    Note: Timestamp of this reply

    October 24, 2005

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