A look into fair trade

I have been searching out some of the Schweppes/Cadbury/Nestle/Coke sites re: fair trade and policies. Namely for interests sake. You wouldn’t believe how much digging you have to do to actually get to the info, but it is there.

views on fairtrade (oh how curious how they skirt the actual issue).
Nestle’s Africa report and stories and ‘contribution’ to the UN Millenium Development Goals

and of course Coke that, “exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches”. I found my way to the coke facts site, which is possibly a ‘covering of their back’ for myths (or perhaps truths) about exploitation.
And I find this,

Does The Coca-Cola Company operate sweatshops in Colombia?

No, we do not. A “sweatshop” is an operation that exploits low labor costs to produce goods for exports, generally from poor countries to richer countries. That is NOT how The Coca-Cola Company operates. Coca-Cola beverages made in Colombia are produced by Colombians for sale to Colombians.

and also this,

Is The Coca-Cola Company misusing local water resources in India?

No. We are one of the most efficient users of water in India. In fact, we’ve been recognized for our environmental practices by prominent global organizations, including the Red Crosslink.

Who knows who is telling the truth? This site is endorsed by the CocaCola company…

Another curious site I found when I was looking up Made In China which is an interesting article, very activist based. And another.

I’m still not entirely sure why they bother to label clothing with the country of origin.

I shall be asking some questions tomorrow.

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  1. Tilla said:

    Jacqui and I were just discussing fair trade stuff after I read this post and Jac found this website:
    another piece in the puzzle… who’s telling the truth?

    October 31, 2005

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