Let bygones be bygones

Okay. Must thought dump so that it is entirely out of the way so I can get this silly assignment done and face the reality of beginning Nanowrimo tonight (should I happen to stay up to 12:01 which is highly likely).

Monday. I love Mondays, purely because it ceases the ‘I’m so bored, I actually need people’ thing that encompasses most weekends. Despite being introverted, when it comes to being around people I love, people that challenge me, people that make me laugh etc… bring them on!

Troy led the first class, highly challenging as usual, I got to ask some of social justice questions although perhaps not in as great detail as if I had first written them down and came to Stephen and Troy with them. Hey there’s this thing called email, why don’t I use it? Stephen mentioned the Ethical Trade Registry which I will definitely go have a look at. Well, I never thought social justice stuff would bug me like it has thus far. Problem is of course knowing where to start. Adovc8 (Steve’s youthy blog)has a bit to say about it. This is one daunting task when you step back from your own aura of aquaintances.

We had about 2 minutes to quickly write an answer to: What is Jesus on about? (Re: Kingdom of God stuff), part of my scrawl bought up the phrase, “focusing on the indvidual but impacting the global” Might be a very Rebecca coloured glass view but hey, this I think is part of it. I will bring some of this up with my creative metaphor/representation of the Kingdom of God next week. Some of you might recall the time I wrote about the little boy with the deaf father whom I saw on the train, well I’m using some of that. That’s the current plan anyway.

The person I was planning to talk to showed up late. I handed the gush post I’d printed to Tilla who went straight to Jacqui. Didn’t get to talk to her after that, which is all fine, I don’t need to know if/what they are doing about it.

Afternoon break I asked * if she wanted to talk, I got some, “Oh, I have to do something else right now” weakish excuse, I felt no real urgency in following it up just then. Went had accountability time (sorta) w/ Katie and Jo.

Anyway. Warwick doing class on Spiritual warfare (this is class no.2) He was talking about some freedom thing/naming stuff. He told us we’d be paring up. If that wasn’t a blindingly obvious opportunity to talk to her then nothing was. Wrote Katie a note saying I’d be deserting her. Felt strangely kind of afraid or whatever while sitting there which err, I talked to God about and it mostly went away.

Had a really good talk to *. It was meant to be a two way kind of thing, it felt more one way to me all up, but I think that is probably the way God wanted it to go. She talked and talked and I asked questions and we prayed and ha, kept getting the feeling that she had more to say, so prodded her about what was on the post and other stuff that came up. A lot of the questions Warwick gave us to look through surrounded the topic of ‘where you’ve been decieved’ etc… Hey. There was nothing gob smackingly horrific or shocking or anything. Quite normal (dare I generalise) female mind issues and stuff, human issues. Came to something near the end which I am going to have to remind her about during the week. I hope throughout that I was able to speak something into her life – that God was doing that through me.

*wry smile* this is like modding offline.

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