Head wash

Put a hole in my head and my brain would just drip out onto the keyboard.

Car wash this morning. Disorganised mayhem which had me on the brink of yelling at least three people if not more. Those kind people who gave off the apperence that they were doing something by holding a sponge and waving it didn’t (quite literally) help. There were way too many people on one car at a time. There was no organised system. The second hose was unusable and when usable lasted about ten minuites before breaking. I don’t know exactly how many car’s we did. It took a lot longer than it should have, and it cut into the start of class time. Some short bursts of waterfight type action, I got well and truly wet, but too much stuffing around. Jane has far more patience than I ever will.

I had too much sun, I forgot to bring water so aside from stealling most of Michael’s I have a headache. I can’t be stuffed walking the dog. I should be doing homework, I should be nano’ing. Fat chance. Seriously Michael has no clue when it comes to complimenting people, maybe just who he is, but dropping them left right and centre? I told him to mean it if he said it, didn’t quite work (ie: compliments lack value when overused, ha maybe I should have been more clear.) as he said he does mean them. *shrug*

Aside from that, I’m really quite cheerful. I have Caf tomorrow which means no more carwashing for me. It is wondefully warm. The homework is really not so bad. The nano will be quite enjoyable.

Lets go find drugs for the head and return to life as fully functioning human being.

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