November 1

And so Nanowrimo begins. I wrote 555 words last night – was pretty tired and the going was slowish, I think it’ll be faster next time I put fingers to keys. Much thanks to Dave whos typo gave the inspiration for a name. We shall see how this all goes. Why online and not writing right now? Well I intended to finish off some homework this morning – nothing stops the procrastination disease.

Carwash today. I’m getting to Tabor early, 11:30 or so. I believe we’re all going to end up quite wet. Jane deserves to put in a hall of fame or something.

Bought the Ignate CD off of Rowan yesterday. Had it on over breakfast to torture Emily, who after hearing less than a minute decided she hated it. I don’t blame her, it took a bit to grow on me, maybe that I’ve had it coupled with a few situations/incidents/God times that I like it more.

It is going to be fantastically warm today. This is the weather I was born for. Tomorrow even warmer.

Hello November. I like you already.

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