Time out

Had all three meals outside today.

I like our verhanda. I like the sun. I like warmness. I don’t like the dog barking every three seconds.

Took laptop out to the table to get myself away from the distraction of the internet. Ploughed through getting all Special Ministry topic journals together and doing Kingdom of God assignment. At lunch I moved on to attempting to write my NT Bible study. A simple 500 words on any New Testament text you so choose for whatever audience sounds quite easy. HA. I changed my mind about 15 times. I have finally settled on doing the Centuion’s faith story thing in Matthew 8. I got pretty much nothing done. Outside was fairly free of distraction aside from the stupid dog and the time I made the move to the hammock and came oh so close to falling asleep.

Hit 4:00pm. I walk inside and find Sam looking for me. Didn’t hear her come in (sorry Sam :P)We ended up wandering up to Morrisons (the cafe whose coffee card I’ve gotten numerous free ones on, the best within walking distance). I had a latte, Sam a milkshake, we shared this berry cheesecake thing. It was GOOD! Spent over an hour up there talking and talking and more talking. Bit of laughing, bit of serious talk, bit of idle chatter. Very enjoyable. Thanks Sam!

There was a really old St. Johns’ Ambo guy there in full uniform. I had a bit of an internal chuckle (theres a word that’s a bit annoying) at some of the conversation he was having with those around him. Sam and I gave eachother a few grins over stuff he said. Hehe, an old lady came up to say goodbye to him. Some old ladies are just really beautiful, despite having all old hands and wrinkles and everything, she had these really cheerful eyes and nice smile. He points to the skin on her hands and goes, “You have the same problem as me.” Then he proceeds to talk about how horrible the drugs are and they use all these brilliantly non-modern words and are just superbly carrying on conversation as polite half-strangers. Yes Sam I was listening 😛 Only took a moment to take that in.

Nothing much else happened after getting home. I don’t know where all my time went this evening. Jess came over to get her computer doctored by Dad. That’s about all.

Someone stood on my Palmers Cocoa Butter bottle thing (best stuff in the world)without realising it, hence moisturiser all over the carpet, big mess. Not too impressed. At least it doesnt smell too much (and rather nice)and is no horrendous colour.

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  1. said:

    *smiles* yeah, that guy was fascinating… its old people like that that i want to get to know… cause they will tell you stuff… 🙂
    definatly an enjoyable afternoon…

    November 7, 2005

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