Blind Spot

Ha! Will you look at that!

Article from Boundless

In college I learned about “Johari’s Window.” The window, a square with four quadrants, is a self-awareness tool. The first quadrant represents open area — the things you know about yourself and others know about you. The second quadrant represents your blind spots — things others know about you that you don’t know about yourself. The third section represents the hidden area — things you know about yourself that you have not disclosed to others. And the fourth quadrant represents the unknown area — things neither you nor others know about you.

We talked about Johari’s Window re: relationships in Youth Min the other night. How bizzare. Also about the importance of feedback. I had a ‘feedback’ discussion with Monica the other night re: class. Was good, despite qualms it would shift the friendship to mentor/mentoree.

To all those who have pointed out blindspots of mine and communicated them kindly enough so that I’ll listen. Thank you. You are the friends I trust and value the most.

…and no, that isn’t a call to point out everything wrong with Rebecca.

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  1. said:

    give me time to think about what bec needs to improve, and i will try to tell you.
    hard for someone who only likes to see the best in all people…

    November 7, 2005

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