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Interesting morning this morning, woke up lateish (if you can call 10am late). Had to finish youth ministry assignment (on Gush)the last 300 words or so on Incarnational Mission. I’m not too sure how the latter part of the assignment went, but I’m a little bit beyond caring. Not too bad a job, it was one I wanted to do well on as it should hopefully be useful. I will think about putting it up here, but maybe not. So blearly eyed finished that and ran around working out when I had to be up at Sams. The printer stuffed up and Dad was nice and got all the jammed paper out for me. Walked really quickly up to Sam’s and we (April also) caught the bus from there.

Sorry Sam, I was rather too tired to feel like being very social. The traffic was extreme. We did get to see the burnt nothing remains of the Kilsyth Club thing but the bottleneck near Bunnings due to roadwork was shocking.

We missed the bus to get to Tabor. Left April at Eastland and started walking really quickly (yet again) towards Oban Rd. I thought it’d take us about 40 minutes. While walking we messaged Rowan to see if he was at Tabor and if anyone could pick us up. Assignment deadline is 1pm Friday. We had 25 minutes to do a ~40min walk. We got about 20mins into it, quite a fair way and Michael drives past (according to Sam), I called him but he had to get elsewhere and was already late it. However just then, Ben came to our rescue (in Row’s office and heard about it). Much thanks Ben! (not that he reads this). Hurrah for God!

Got stuff in just on time. Went back to Eastland to try find bathers for me. Had some lunch, went and said hello to Dave who was unpacking strawberries and looked absolutely wrecked, attempted to say hello to Tilla but she was busy with a customer.

We bumped into Dave again when he was on his lunch break and so we all went hunting together. I had no luck mostly bar one whose price tag didn’t even let me consider it. Dave refused to come into Bras and Things which Sam and I had a bit of a laugh about (don’t blame you dave :P).

Wound up in Myers. Found some, the same I’ve thought about for a while. Paid a bit more than I might have normally but I need them for camp and just genearlly. They should I hope last for ages.

Waited out for the bus. We were talking to Dave about last night and about general yits stuff. About people really.

About the victories that I’ve seen. I was actually thinking about this late last night. Dawn came up to me so excited, “This is the first time I’ve been to soemthing like this (formal) and have not been comparing myself to the other girls”. Kerryn and her Rohan and her misgivings about ever having someone. Jess C and her finally speaking up in class on the very last class. Darryn and his confidence thats skyrocketed. (Surely not all in the suit :P)… and the other things I haven’t seen/heard. The change that even I’ve undergone since the start of this year.

It was funny when Dawn said that to me last night. I didn’t think much of it until getting home. I was really quite tired through the formal I’m not a party kind of person. How I was subconciously doing the comparing thing. I hate rebound compliments and they run riot at formals. I don’t like how formals change the dynamics of a people group, sometimes only ever so slightly. Everyone looked fantastic, but yeah.

So last night.






I enjoyed myself a lot. The venue was great, food nice, music not bad and people quite perfect.

I sat next to Sarah (Tom’s) was good to finally meet her. She’s really nice Tom and I’m not just saying that. She’s a twin too, so we had a bit of common ground to go off.

The movie Ben, Kym and the others put together was funny and really well done. Had the whole awards giving thing – I got something about blogging. Heh whoever had input into awards must know I do or someones made a biggish deal about it.

Rowan came up later and asked how he might get the link. I was thinking about it. Jess C asked the other day (and I avoided a direct no. because that’s what it would be) So Hi Rowan anyway. Yeah selectivity, I don’t mind giving it to people I trust, there are also limitations I guess on people I’ve written stuff about and have issues just frustrations over. This does not mean I don’t respect them, Jess W for example despite being a really good friend heh well no.

Had a reasonable chat to Alecia and Mark (and Jane earlier). Didn’t really dance and I wasn’t dragged up there despite a few threats. Hurrah! I might have been coerable if I was in a better frame of mind.

So had some melancholic moments throughout the evening. Oh I’m going to hate leaving these people and what we’ve had this year so much.

I did enjoy myself Jo. I wasn’t lying when I said that.

This is such a long and rambly post about just what’s happened. What happened to theoreticals and decent writing? Oh well maybe when things are less busy or less changeable.

I can’t think of what else needs/should/might be said. And just been called for dinner, so I’ll leave things here.

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    indeed, huraah for God… so he does answer prayer…

    November 11, 2005

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