I was doing the dishes last night when I suddenly realised I had said I was going to Jess D’s for movie/pizza with some of the girls from school. Double checked the time to get there: 6:30, it was already past that. So I called her and came late.

I enjoyed myself this time. It was Jess D, Jacqui, Ana, Natalie (!) and myself. Had a good chat with Jess on the way home. I asked the ‘Where are things with you and God’ question. Improved, but kind of status quo. Prayer for her would be good as she has no real desire or can’t find any ‘need’ for God at the moment, “Feels like too much effort”. And for me too, as I plan to catch up with her a fair bit more once camp is over and all that.

Today I slept until 11ish. I was intending to do some nano’ing but didn’t. I didn’t do much at all really. Gushed a bit, msn’ed. Made some lunch, walked the dog. Very low key – I should have read some more of the Potato Factory (Bryce Courtney), I might do that tonight.

So no great philisophical comments or even thoughts from me today.

Have a gush meeting tomorrow. I get to meet John for the first time, shall be good. Have to get the train and sit out the long haul into Ascot Vale. Hope things will go well. I should really start ignoring the introvert inside me and at least talk a bit more.


  1. said:

    Hehe, so you’ve met me now. and you have plenty of photos to show Sam.

    And you claim you had a long train ride! 😛

    November 13, 2005
  2. said:

    yes, photos… got some… but not plenty.. *wonders what bec did with the rest of the photos..* maybe i’ll have to hijak her lappy again…

    November 14, 2005

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