I spent this evening at my cousin Jaclyn’s graduation.So incredibally similar, yet so different from my own around the same time last year. I sat in the back (we were a bit late) living my freedom and marvelling at what I’ll do with all my time, feeling heh maybe ‘adult’ or more so than usually let myself feel. Got to catch up with some old teachers, MJB (Mr Brown – methods teacher) was there, down from Sydney! I hadn’t realised that Iain was going to be there until I remembered his sister Beth was graduating and that was only when I saw her. So had a bit of a camp/finishing debrief and general chat with him, sort of good in a way – the debrief thing.

I didn’t find out about going tonight until sometime today, it might have been last night I’m not sure. Laura was standing around doing a verbal comparison of us four girls and ‘styles’ before hand for Marita’s (Em’s friend)apparent benefit. “I’m more classic (Laura), Hannah’s all very um popular/modern, Emily’s retro, and Bec’s casual”. I found it quite amusing as it’s all rather true. Hannah spends hours getting ready and I couldn’t even be stuffed wearing makeup. I think you can look perfectly nice without it, saves so much time and hassle.

Tomorrow I intend to go hand in a job application at Dymocks in Eastland. Tilla has recommended me and I think that Dave and I are fighting it out for the job. It would be mightly useful as I finish up at MBO by Christmas. I can get to Eastland by train, a vastly shorter trip than what I do now, and the pay would be considerably higher than my ‘a bit’ stingy current wage.

Today I decided I’m not waiting around too much longer to get my manual P’s and I’ll just bite the bullet, get a couple of pro lessons and get my liscence asap as it has been far too long without that kind of freedom. Forget needing manual l. to use the little red car – it’s Mum’s coveted possession now. I’ll buy a decent bomb as soon as I have saved enough. Had a sisterly whinge with Laura at mum and her overprotectiveness, I must say I was surprised she started it and not me as it is usually the other way around.

According to Laura, John (her boyfriend) has tentative plans to spend his summer break working in Australia – that’s about 3 months long (about May-June-July). My it shall be interesting if it happens, because we have to find room for him somewhere.

I have started writing a mental list of how I can effectively use all this free time. More of that later though before late night thinkings get all ambitious. I will hopefully share so you can keep me accountable and I don’t just spend the time sleeping and reading.

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  1. said:

    im up there with the just getting my lisence thing…
    and with wondering what to do with my free time…
    and with getting a job…

    November 19, 2005

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