Saturday one

I have spent my day…

  • creating a cover letter with some timely advice from Tilla, I love email.
  • dropping in my resume (and the cover letter which finally got done) at Dymocks
  • shopping with the lovely Sam
  • randomly itching my face because the stupid face wash stuff I bought does have that methyl/propylparaben in it (which I think is the problem). I had one picked out, all checked and then grabbed the ‘mild’ one at the last minute. Stupid girl Rebecca. Products of the cosmetic kind cost way too much, remind me why I never usually buy them?
  • researching exhibitions (mostly the free ones) and such activities around Melbourne in the coming montshs, so that I can spend some of all this free time immersing myself into good culture
  • reading The Potato Factory -Bryce Courtney, which I’m only about a third through still. It is thorougly engrossing, rather a bit more crude than I usually allow myself to read and I wouldn’t want to see the movie unless it is tamed down rather a lot. I can’t not finish it. Imagination is a good thing you can place way more limits on it than you can with a visual image.
  • writing an email to Kerryn, the one person above all who I would have liked to do the ‘affirmation’ session on camp for. She couldn’t come for some reason or other.

It has thus been quite a good day.

Particularly as I can now let my Grandma know that I want something other than a voucher for a Christmas present, which would have to be a first in about four years. If things go as planned I shall go with her (I hope) to see Handel’s Messiah at Hamer Hall (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) on the 9th of December. Ah much excitement!
If that falls through, I shall hope to nab some less attractive seats (C reserve) for myself as it isn’t that expensive, although I may not be able to see. I have a significant attachment to this piece of music.


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  1. said:

    Imagination is a good thing you can place way more limits on it than you can with a visual image.

    Really? Wow. That just marks how different we are. You obviously have either a very dull and tame imagination (which I doubt, knowing there is a fair creative side to you), or you have control over your imagination – something I thoroughly lack. I have no control at all over what my imagination will dream up.

    And I’m in a similar position. Finding ppl to do stuff with over the summer. Around work and job hunting, that is!

    November 20, 2005

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