I don’t know if you have seen the movie Crash (2004/5, Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock) if you haven’t it is well worth making the effort.

The feeling was not disimilar to what I felt after Hotel Rwanda. Less angry, still total frustration at the human race. It is very much based around racial discriminaton not just black vs. white Americans, and the plot is spectacularly woven together from multiple stories. Quite moving, disturbing in the same way that you feel powerless to do anything to stop the world walking its jaunty twisted way.

I was going to go to the young adults group thing tonight, that didn’t happen. I was at Jess’s, Ana was unsure if she was going, my head was choked after the movie, I am unsure whether to tag along at the end of the year or just wait until next year.

Choices. Funny how we think about things and still decide to do them even if they are fruitless, pointless, time wasting and relatively, well, just not the worlds greatest idea.

We went to Chadstone. Hello materialistic capitol of Melbourne. Some ‘mega’ sale on store (ie: all) wide. It wasn’t that great. Traffic was horrendous getting in, we parked smartly in a side street. (Bought David, Jess’ brother along with us) The place was packed. Said hello to Alice in CottonOn. Tried to shop. Didn’t get much. I found the Les Miserables dvd in Borders cheap, which I’ve been after for ages so I got that and a top.

Jess and I had a really good talk in the car on the way there about church and ideas around that and what to do about various friendship circles. Good to challenge her on some stuff and in turn be a bit challenged.

We discussed materialism on the way home. Jess’s, “I’m starting to really get it”. Which is all very well. But actions and words have to match, we did visit a place where it was pretty much rampant with it and although we didn’t buy into much (quite literally) we still entertained the should be now less welcome stranger.

I am quite simply a bit annoyed at myself for bothering to go shopping this evening. I was at the shops earlier today anyway after dropping the silly dvd back and looking for Christmas presents (entirely not very successful) until Jess picked me up.

Such are choices, actions follow them and regrets chase after them like the wind.

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