Got in weird creative mood this afternoon/evening. Hacked up my complimentary ‘The Age’ and the MX and an old MetCard.

Used first page (or second, but first usage) of art journal I bought for such random things… the photo I took cuts off the bottom left corner which is a pity. But yes.

This is/was bec getting minorly cranky at society and such. But do not ask me what it all means, because simply I don’t know.

I felt like putting stuff there so I did. (which is a bit abnormal to my obsessive thinking nature).

Art is expression.

Design General Social Justice

I spent my day in the city with Katie and Jo. Was quite excellent.

As was yesterday spent roaming foreign suburbs with Sam.

Art galleried it (just the shop). Entirely interesting, pity things aren’t cheaper.
Starbucks for quite a while. Couches. Nice pepermint mocha (iced) which cost way too much.

Jodi Picoult is quite amazing. Words words words. She uses them esquisitely (and I don’t even like that word much, but it suits).

“fine lines bracket her mouth, parentheses around a lifetime of words I was not around to hear…” (p.117)

Ah my. Thoroughly enjoyable, entirely engrossing.

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