Quite an excellent day.

Church was at first looking like to be another downer, but the sermon was on evangelism (“oh no!” my mind cries, he might smash this one to pieces) but the guy did an excellent job and talked a lot about how the 90% of us without the whole ‘go talk to people/street evangelism’ thing can be effective in serving others.

Heads up to you fine reader: do a random act of kindness for someone (which does mean, no strings attached)

Had a chat with Merryn (did yr.12 w/ her, not really close) during the break.

And after I got talking to Dan (YITS from Berwick) and Jordan (Jacqui’s cousin) Anyway. Dan said he’s had the same problem, they’ve been at Vineyard 6mths now and not one young adult has really come up and welcomed them. I mentioned that I find it too big for me. I really don’t know about staying at Vineyard, it has some fantastic points, good sermons, good music mostly – but yes. So prayer still appreciated for church related things. I might give Lilydale Baps (at night) another try, however church shopping that sounds.

It being the date it is, I called Sam to say Happy Birthday (18) and see if she had any spare time. 3:00pm I went up and took her to Morrisons for afternoon tea, which was rather nice. There was a photography exhibition on up there and Sam and I had a chat to the ladies, I got refered to a photography club (no perhaps not, might be alright, but it’s on a Wednesday night). Came back home, and we pulled a box thing of my old junk out to find various art stuff, Sam had a right old snoop and then we cut and stuck stuff and drew (depending on who we were) to our hearts content. A strange but oddly enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

The “art” I made quite disturbed me. Why must I always throw in a dark underlying theme? :
More talk with Sam. Then she went home. And I bummed around, shower etc… Started reading ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ after some thinking about whether I should buy into Christian consumerism. I guess it must be quite good, I shall read w/ an open and questioning mind. Prayed about it.

So day one.

“Everything go started in him and finds its purpose in him” -Col 1:16b (MSG)

No huge revelations.
Which is rather like this blog post, a reasonably boring summary of my day.

But here’s to Sam, an excellent person and a wonderful friend!


Who Slammed Doors For Fun And Perished Miserably
by Hilaire Belloc

A trick that everyone abhors
In little girls is slamming doors.
A wealthy banker’s little daughter
Who lived in Palace Green, Bayswater
(By name Rebecca Offendort),
Was given to this furious sport.

She would deliberately go
And slam the door like billy-o!
To make her uncle Jacob start.
She was not really bad at heart,
But only rather rude and wild;
She was an aggravating child…

It happened that a marble bust
Of Abraham was standing just
Above the door this little lamb
Had carefully prepared to slam,
And down it came! It knocked her flat!
It laid her out! She looked like that.

Her funeral sermon (which was long
And followed by a sacred song)
Mentioned her virtues, it is true,
But dwelt upon her vices too,
And showed the deadful end of one
Who goes and slams the door for fun.

The children who were brought to hear
The awful tale from far and near
Were much impressed, and inly swore
They never more would slam the door,
— As often they had done before.