Work was really good! The people (I work with) are really nice, and I was able to help customers (despite sometimes needing to ask Tilla or one of the others). I didn’t do registers or anything today, a bit busy. So did books/shelves stuff and numerous other little things.

The day doesn’t feel half as long as working one at MBO. I like busy. I like shorter public transport trips.

I start at 3pm tommorrow and work to 8pm. Roster is all over the place (well compared to what I’m used to).

Friday night is clear. Much hurrahs and stress relieved.

Hmm, Iain has his 23rd (so I hear today) I said ‘yeh I’ll come’ after some deliberation and deciding I didn’t have anything on – Mum tells me it’s Jaclyn’s 18th (whoops) hmm.

Thanks Dave for dropping by today!

Also saw Aydan (yr.12) funny that, seeing as Mel is hanging out w/ Jess D today. May my short past and present future collide, and so be it! (yeh strange eyebrow movement).

I don’t feel like being excessively wordy tonight. So I simply wont.

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