A couple of random bits of info about my day that I think I’ll just put here before I launch of into whatever comes out of my head.

– Mum ran our car into the back of someone this morning (at the top of our road), they had a tow ball and a 4wd, we got the denting and the entirely stuffed radiator.
– The woman got out to have a look and her two boys followed, the second opened the front door and fell out of the car onto the gravel, poor kid, it was really quite funny.
– I ran into a shelf at work today, several times. The worst left a decent underskin scrape and a bruise on my forearm. Bookshops are dangerous. Try books falling you.
– My dinner (some dodgy pizza that someone at home heated up) had mould on it, I found this only on the second piece, it was quite a sad thing, despite it not being very nice as I couldn’t be bothered making anything else to eat. I had a nectarine instead (which have got to be the best fruit beside Pomello).

Now, originally I was going to blah out some interesting things that came up when I was reading Purpose #1 in 40 Days of Purpose book thing. This calls for a slight back up to last night, where I was tired, on msn and Mon started talking to me and I got really annoyed at her. I don’t like people asking me stuff like, “tell me everything” particularly when I’m not ‘in the mood’ or I don’t want to progress a friendship beyond a certain point (and no I haven’t worked out why that is that way with Mon at the moment). So I was giving short, curt one word answers and being a bit of a grumpy bum. I nearly blocked her when I got the, “Is anything wrong” deal, restrained myself – how do you explain “No, I just dont really want to talk to you right now” without a reason (or a reason that I can’t possibly word because I don’t know what it is). So anyway, I got the, “How’s God time at the moment?”. I gave her the one word answer of, “yeah”.

Said I was, ‘reading 40 days thing and that’s about it, haven’t had much time’, as I had the ?’s pressure to go deeper (a bad excuse for not spending time, but yes, was the truth).

So I did sit down tonight to somewhat redeem it maybe, guilt inspired? And the book’s going on about how we were planned for God’s pleasure, and what worship is.

“How’s God time going”

What a stupid narrow minded question.

And I’m not blaming Mon for asking it, because I ask it myself, and of course reason and context denotes, “Time focused specificially aka. a quiet time”

But it is a stupid question. Life as a Christian, right, it’s fulltime, not cordoned off to 15mins-1hr an evening or morning.

“How’s life as a Christian and your interaction with God” is perhaps a better question.

I was remembering, after reading some of the stuff on living/working for God. How I used to talk so much more to God throughout my day and how I don’t do that so much any more. Making prayer and thought synonymous. I know to an extent it is possible, because I’ve seen it happen in me before and it makes life a billion times more enjoyable.

I like sometimes to think I have a fairly strong mind, or control over where my thoughts go. It is about effort and prayer and definitely God’s hand in shaping of character. But it is still so much easier to let things slide, to have thoughts predominantly wandering elsewhere or to just simply get lazy and ignore/forget Gods part in my life.

What have I been trying to make church? Am I just fed up because I’m not getting satisfied from what it has been this past while. Thats not right. Church is a designated place for giving glory to God, be that through singing, talking, listening…

What God gets out of it, not what we get out of it.

Sure that does not remove the discouraged/dissapointed very wanting part of me for something more (socially – which is quite selfish, but still part of it) from church. But it does drop things a lot more into alignment.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” – 1 Cor 10:31 (NIV)

I’ve lost the piece of yellow paper I got from some youth group thing, it had the following verse on it, I used to think about it more than I’ve done latey:

“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life–your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life–and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.” – Rom 12:1 (MSG)

I (and we) should possibly stop complaining about our boring, tiring and dry lives.
I should most probably appoligise to Mon.
I should start being more intentional about life and the importance of God in my life.

This is not an excuse to leave off that time you set aside, just a reminder I guess that it’s not everything and if it is everything then its not really enough. This is also not to make me feel good because I haven’t been doing the specific time thing so much lately, I hope instead it pushes me to actually do more of that. Because if my day is focused differently… well your time managment shifts to putting the genuinely important stuff first.

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  1. said:

    hey bec… ive noticed that when i go away, you get no comments. thats a little sad. comments are wonderful.

    ive noticed youve twigged around the look of your blog. im rather taken with the oxfam tab at the bottom.

    im glad i can remember your blog link, so i can read while im not at home…

    and books and shelves are dangerous. like chep pallets and boxes of mushrooms…

    and i think Mons a forgiveing person. you only need to ask…

    December 14, 2005

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