I wrote some of this yesterday morning (and did save a draft, but it obviously didn’t save. ergh!) actually into a journal thing I’m taking to work with me for the half hour or so I have to waste before I start. I’ve been doing this at Mrs. Fields (excellent coffee) and now outside when seats out the front near the grass are free.

It’s about 8:20am, early start (sort of) this morning. I haven’t really thought too much about the Sydney riots (racially fueled) thus far. Yes I had that conversation with burkie, but the only visual, or any kind of experience (fi it even qualifies) have been very short segments of the news.

Today it is different. I am disgusted at what i heard, angry even. School kids on teh bus – they got to talking about it and began telling stories (be they true or not) of Lebanese gangs bashing up women and old ladies, following them home etcetera, armed with baseball bats.

All the blame was thrown back onto the non-anglos and emphasised the anglo’ethnicity of the ‘victims’. I was so ready to say something… what about those innocent whoevers caught in this stupid fued? What about the ‘white’ everyday Australian gangs who do comparibly the same thing at non media-hot moments. It’s not at all dependant on skin colour when people choose to do stuff like that (oh I know if it is when it is racially fueled) but we are all entirely capable of making the same descisions, mistakes and crimes.

How much media ahd those kids swallowed without having thought about things first? Australia has a definite racial vein. We celebrate differences, oh yeah? We prefer to conform to some unwritten standard.

Equality (or rather, Justice as we aren’t robots) witll happen one day. God has a hand in taht – but earth and falleness display injustice as if it were a crown. I do not know where this is all heading, I (quite obviously) don’t like it, and it is a bigger more menacing problem than I first thought.

Onesided stories, rumors, lies and misunderstandings are food for hate.

If they’d been on the bus a few more minutes, I might have found the courage to speak up. (the courage to face anti-introversion that is, because I was *this* close)

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