Rather than the blog bug, I think I have the blog leech tonight. What post number am I up to? Shows what a day off work can do to me, (be thankful I have this job).

I spent the morning (and into the afternoon) about 3hrs straight reading this Elisabeth Elliot book (3 in one) I found in my sisters room while I was looking for a Pijin New Testament. It was unbelievably nice to sit/lie on the couch in the sun with no one disturbing me for hours and hours. I was going to do the week 3 of Advent thing (that Laura’s left on the coffee table) but somehow I didn’t get around to it.

After lunch of some psuedo curry (pumpkin and potato – half of which ended up as my dog’s extremely late breakfast), I sat online distracted and doing random quiz things (thanks Katie :P) – which are now a few posts down). Walked up the road and went to the hairdressers up there, got a fringe cut (nothing drastic, just on the side, only cost me $5). Had a guy cut my hair again. Posted something to someone (one of you perhaps). Came home.

Mum has left a lot of books on the table. I don’t know how many of you I’ve told about her selling secondhand books on ebay (that she picks up from oppshops and garage sales and who knows where else) and on a homeschooling webiste, but the whole thing has gone slightly out of hand. She buys (very cheaply, but still) at a lot faster rate than she sells.

Dad comes out, looks at it, makes a non-subtle comment about wondering how many she has and if a number might wake her up a little. Laura swallows the bait and enthuses me into counting them.

There are over 200 books sitting (temporarily) on our dining room table because of a lady who came to look earlier in the day.

NB: hobby, not business (she doesn’t keep any records hardly, aside from emails. Lack of organisation is scary).

So we count.
It takes us a long time.

We have 3,642 sellable books in our house. Not our books. Ones to sell. We’d have that many again (maybe more) between the six of us. Laura’s estimate is 7000-8000.

That’s excessive.

The majority are young adults type novels or kids picture books.

Mum was annoyed and not shocked when we told her what we’d done, “I don’t need numbers to know I have a lot.”

I have possibly mentioned before the collecting gene I half inherited (and have seemed to mostly grow out of). This is evidence of that. I’d seriously consider buying her stock or ‘partnering’ with her if it would get more done and I had the time. Hannah helps a bit to earn a few dollars. Not too hard to keep track of profits, I mean really, the most basic thing you need is a spreadsheet or access or something.

Credit to Mum, because she definitely knows what is sellable. If only she’d do something about it – then we could reclaim the laundry and the hall and all the other corners they make their way into.

Need a copy of a certain book, in the aforementioned categories? Please ask, I take them to my room randomly and decide to keep them if they are good, she wont even notice one gone ;)and would gladly give it away anyway.

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  1. said:

    trixie belden 8, and 15 i think are the two that im missing from the first 25…
    it could be 10 instead of 8… im not too sure.. 😛

    i like the fact that your house has so many books bec. it looks lived in… and books are more cultured than other lived in looks. and its good if your bored and want to read, or want to cut up something…

    December 16, 2005

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