Identify thine self

Oh the kindness of universtities.

Last night I get home and find ‘when’ enrollement information for Deakin. So much for their promise of mid-January?

A lot seems to be based online. All of which needs your student ID. Which I don’t have (possibly because I confirmed by email). How thoughtful, how well organised. They get an email today. And I wait another week probably to hear from them to email someone else no doubt.

Enrollment is on Jan 20th.
Let see what I’ve gotten myself in for.

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  1. said:

    yet, enrolment for uni is fun… not…

    ha ha. deakin is a little classier than swinburne. we have stuff on photocopied bits of coloured paper. not that i really care. im a country girl at heart.

    December 17, 2005

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