Green carols

We spent this evening at the Smith’s house for a boxing day barbeque. The Steele’s were there also (my old Boss, his wife Ange and their two kids, Ashlee and Nathan). Uncle Mark cooked some massive beef thing, of which I didn’t eat – I don’t like meat rawish even if it is meant to be that way. The carrots were the best.

We had a strange conclusion to the evening – sitting around with Wendy playing their piano, and we sung carols. Naomi has a superb voice, Wendy also (being thoroughly involved in musical theatre), Hannah has a very unusal nice voice, Laura’s pretty good and the rest of us I guess can keep a tune. Completely bizarre.

It’s strange, I can go to their house and think about ‘being jealous’ but not feel it. Not that their house is anything special, but little things, like the girls having x y z (the kind of things bec likes eg. technology related) and getting them for presents. And then contrast it with what we have and stuff. There is some satisfaction in me having had to earn what I have.

I’m proud of mum, she drove with me (by herself) for the first time. Ie. me in the drivers seat. She hardly stressed out at all.

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