Goes like a zyrtec

“It goes like a zyrtec” (and here’s where I don’t know if I even spelt it properly), but the zyrtec sure has worn off.

I had the unfortunate fortune of standing on a bee yesterday. I think I have quite a decent pain tolerance and it was only so much as an, “Ow”, a glare at my dog and a hop back inside to run it under water. It’s not as if I haven’t been stung before, but Mum did her doctory thing anyway and gave me something.

Why be so blah de blah about a bee sting? That would be the niceness of having a blog and some spare time.

So, post-bee I felt relatively sick through the first bit of seeing Narnia. So it was probably a good thing that mum gave a zyrtec thing. I think it’s bees that die after they sting you…?

Today, my toe (third from the big toe end and third from the little toe end) has finally decided to swell up and the expected/dreaded itch of a bee-sting.
That’s it for me with barefooting the lawn this summer.

Work wasn’t so great today. I suppose you have to have those days sometimes where you just keep getting things a bit wrong – don’t know what to do or just have generally average customers. Poor Grace, I was glad of her patience, don’t know how many questions I asked her.

I can now eaisly return your book. But be kind and don’t pay with multiple gift cards – it takes forever.

What possesses people to use $1.00 on one card and $30.00 on the other?!

Yes, so new forms to learn (which I haven’t yet), 20% sale tricks etc… Dymocks really could use a computer system upgrade (and a uniform upgrade – No, Tilla you aren’t reading this, hohum).

Nearly missed the bus this morning, I was at first late, (so went to the main street bus stop) then the timetable lied to me, so I was sitting fiddling w/ my mp3 player or something and not paying attention. The stop is on a corner and you can hardly see anyone if they are sitting in the shelter. I’ve had busses go right past me there before. Thankfully this one did. It’s sit down and breathe Rebecca.

Killed some pre-work time re-buying the top that got shrunk yesterday. I was really annoyed about that. Someone put it in the washing machine… it’s short now (Em might buy it off me 🙂 the nice thing, she offered, I should just give it to her). They didn’t have a Medium, the Small wasn’t much different so I got that. I wouldn’t normally go out of my way again if it was wrecked as easily as last time – but I did. I like it.

Then found my way into BiLo to get some lunch and stuff. I forgot I was only working 5hrs so would only get a short break. Bought some apples (which are sitting on my bed now) and some hommus. Had a looksee at Bakers Delight for some bread. I think now I need to research bread types. I bought this Pane something or other… not exactly easy to pull apart. Quite rock like infact. The Hungarian whatever I had the other day was much nicer despite the mess it made.

I have a bit of free time this coming week, would be good to catch up with some of you. Working Friday and Saturday and then free until Wednesday (and I don’t know after that).

I also hope to catch up on some sleep, its been I think about 13hrs in the last 48. I realised just how wrecked I was while walking Job. Came home and sat on my beanbag, read some, ate some more of the Christmas chocolate stash and came very close to falling asleep. It was nice. Stopping is something I haven’t done in a quite a while.

:\ which is somewhat parallel to how things have been in ‘doing the God thing’ – intentionality and all that.

Please send me to bed at a decent hour tonight.

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  1. said:

    the term you are looking for (type of bread) is Pane Di Casa.

    I love them, and have been known to eat them for breakfast.

    December 28, 2005

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