For two days in a row Sam has commented on me. “You look different Bec” and then something which I dug from the crevices of my mind later on about what she’d said, “You look really happy”.

I can only shrug. I don’t know why I look different or ‘more happy’. I have been fairly cheerful lately – I’ve had some decent days doing interesting things, God stuff’s better or getting there. Maybe some of knowing I have a full and social and hopefully enjoyable week or so coming up. I like having things to look forward to.

Tomorrow around lunchtime I head up to Soul Suvivor for the Wednesday night (at least) and then find out about work sometime that afternoon. It’s quite frustrating only knowing work a week in advance. Then back to Soul probably on Friday, down to Ascot Vale on Saturday for gush (or ‘The Forum’ rather) meetups. Somewhere – I think Rosanna for ‘social’ stuff that night. Back home with someone I don’t even know. Back to Essendon in the morning, then the cafe again…

So I do that until Tuesday, and then it all comes to a sad and grinding halt.

And I was going to write more but I’m too sleepy to think properly. Early night tonight maybe? Probably a smart thing considering I’ll be tenting it hopefully the next 3 nights.

…got to work out if there is anything I’ve forgotten to pack.


Due to an extensive email filter I get all my blog comment notifications in as spam. I often just ignore and delete them – sometimes I ‘release’ them by replying (serves me right, I should use the gmail account rather than the other one).

Anyway, I got a mass this morning thanks to Sam and I couldn’t be bothered waiting for them so I explored some of my older blog posts and was quite surprised to find comments by Edouard.

So. Hi. I don’t mind you reading this at all, I am however curious as to how you got here. How did you? I thought I had the listing hidden on my profile. My main concern is less of others finding this and more of certain siblings finding this. Thankfully Laura who would be most interested is not really that technologically inclined. I am curious though…

I have wondered on and off a bit lately if I should open this up a bit more, even maybe let Laura read this. I think it might be jumping the gun just slightly on the comfortable status. A big part of me would like to stay the sister next door a small part disagrees. One day. For the moment I’ll stay as a coward.

Laura now blogs here: Accoucheur

There are certain individuals that probably shouldn’t ever read this as I have been more than honest and it would take a bit of explaining. Mon for example. I appreciate her effort I really do, but it wears me out.

Well yes so that’s that. Who still lurks around here anyway? Seeing as Dave and Jane both confessed to me that they gave up as I was just writing too much.


This morning I had a driving lesson. Be all overjoyed and happy for me, I should have my P’s by the end of Feb :)….:D

She (Emma) was really nice, I was comfortable driving her car, didn’t make any real stuff ups. But female and young… you expect them to be old and male!

By 1:30 I was in the car with Jane, Dave and Sam. Jane decided to kindly pay us a visit all the way from Geelong (sure she might have had other reasons she was up this way…) We went for lunch at Sophias, surprise surprise. Then took a massive amount of gelati back to Dave’s house and sat around the table eating it and talking.

It was good. We watched some circus something (I didn’t get the name – something to do with circus Olay) which was rather amazing. Talked more.

Jane – if you still read this. I like your directness.

Sam, Jane and I came back to my place for a looksee. Then they left. I had bbq dinner thing and got all annoyed at the parentals for something or other, walked the dog in the half rain with Emily.

Watched 3 episodes of Alias with Laura.

The long and the short of it. It was a good day, a fun day, enjoyable.