Looking different

For two days in a row Sam has commented on me. “You look different Bec” and then something which I dug from the crevices of my mind later on about what she’d said, “You look really happy”.

I can only shrug. I don’t know why I look different or ‘more happy’. I have been fairly cheerful lately – I’ve had some decent days doing interesting things, God stuff’s better or getting there. Maybe some of knowing I have a full and social and hopefully enjoyable week or so coming up. I like having things to look forward to.

Tomorrow around lunchtime I head up to Soul Suvivor for the Wednesday night (at least) and then find out about work sometime that afternoon. It’s quite frustrating only knowing work a week in advance. Then back to Soul probably on Friday, down to Ascot Vale on Saturday for gush (or ‘The Forum’ rather) meetups. Somewhere – I think Rosanna for ‘social’ stuff that night. Back home with someone I don’t even know. Back to Essendon in the morning, then the cafe again…

So I do that until Tuesday, and then it all comes to a sad and grinding halt.

And I was going to write more but I’m too sleepy to think properly. Early night tonight maybe? Probably a smart thing considering I’ll be tenting it hopefully the next 3 nights.

…got to work out if there is anything I’ve forgotten to pack.

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  1. said:

    and i say bah to ‘the forum’. its going to be gush in my mind, until someone forces me to change it…

    did i say you look happy? i seriously forget what i say sometimes. but yes, if i didnt say it before, i say it now. you look happy.
    it might also be the fact you have a fringe and a bit of a tan. its mainly your head that looks different. ha. no. thats not saying that your head has turned all Arnold (*reference to childrens tv cartoon, the guy arnold has a head shaped like a football*) on you, but reather.. no.. i think it must be the hair…

    anyway. yay for soul. i havent packed anything yet, and i only just got home from work. blegh to working all night in the rain. and yay for getting little to no sleep… i start Soul tired, i wonder what i’ll be at the end!

    err… im ending this rather long winded comment now, becuase it would be a little sad if it were longer than the original entry. though that could be kinda cool.

    i have a present which im going to give you today. i hope you like it. and if not, oh well. its the thought that counts isnt it? i think the treasure is rather wonderful, but this might not be shared by you.

    ok. ending now…

    really i am…

    *gets dragged away from keyboard…*

    January 11, 2006

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