And so the supposed departure time of 12:00pm gets revised to 1pm and revised again to 2pm. It does seem more reasonable.

It has been raining. We are in tents tonight – it shall make for interesting setting up.

Laura’s blog mentions that the focus of Soul this year shall be Social Justice. Which almost makes me want to run full pelt in the other direction. Too much! No. It’s a good thing, I’ve just spent the whole of the second half of last year hearing about it and thinking about doing stuff about it. I’m sick of hearing about it, I’d rather be doing it and to tell you the truth I’m not entirely sure where to start. If I lived elsewhere… but that is just an excuse and a bad one at the same time.

The easiest thing I can think of is to sponsor a Compassion child. Right. Well that’s been the intention for over a year now and I still haven’t done anything about it. Besides that’s hardly giving how I give best, if I can even justify myself that way? Yes I’m a miser but when it comes down to it I don’t really care about money that much, I don’t spend much. I don’t mind at all if it goes somewhere useful but giving is not how I love. Time and words – the one on one is how I best love. Surely there is a void somewhere in the world for that?

Afterall the thing that every human being seems to face at once time or another, if not constantly is loneliness. It costs more to give time. Because if you give time you are giving of yourself and not something partially removed from you.

Thats how I see it. Undoubtably it is different for alternate individuals – but I can only live my own life and not yours.

I might avoid the social justice seminars. Depending on work I shall go to the following sessions if the timetable stays the same.

Thursday (if not working):

  • Going Solo (which is one one one with God stuff) or Friendship
  • Youth Leaders that last (probably something translateable into online youth stuff – I do make things complicated)

…woah Mark Sayers is going to be there, didn’t know that!

Friday (if not working):

  • Women and Leadership in the Church (Jim Reiher’s great, he’s in the greens party has interesting views on politics and well ‘women in ministry’. It has been a privalage to pick his brains a few times last year) or Finding God’s Plan for my life (but the title’s putting me off because I think that there is a healthy dose of freewill that holds an interesting paradox with plans and how we think that we can limit God and ourselves if we have to conform to xyz).
  • Anything She can Do (no idea what this is about) or Growing in Youth Leadership

And I have no idea about which worshops are running when but I intend to wander along to the writing/journalling type ones which I so hope are running while I’m there, maybe Art or just grab it as free time rather than be stuck doing ‘vocals’ or ‘drama’ (so help me!).

I miss the relationship panel which was thoroughly amusing last time. Always the most popular (I wonder why!) but that’s always on the Sunday afternoon.

I’m also not sure when Sons of Korah are playing… would be good to see them live again.

I guess I should go with the expectation that God intends to challenge me on something or stretch me in a certain area, as of this moment I’m not sure what exactly that would be. Ahh I love learning, I’m not being sarcastic in the slightest.

I spent part of yesterday and this morning thinking/getting stuff down for the national meetup. Paul told me to do all the mod’s roles stuff, so hopefully I’ve done things satisfactorly. He also mentioned something about going over the forum rules – not quite sure what he want’s there. Might have a chat with Jas about it if I end up catching him before Saturday.

So until next time. Think about – no. Do something about the whole social justice thing so you can let me know (and so save me sussing stuff out) what you’ve done. It is important however much easier it is to be apathetic about the world.

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