Lets see if I can wander around explaining yesterday.

Driving lesson with Emma in the morning. Somehow without any practice in the intevening time I’d improved. She got me to do various 3pt turns, point-to-point, parallel parking and normal parking. I parked and she asked If I’d fluked it 😛 Here’s to me! Parallel parking isn’t so bad, first time I’ve even done it though.

Came home and my grandparents were there to drop off Hannah. My cousin Lauren was with them. Wow, how to explain the admiration that I have for my Grandma.

So I get the train around 12:40, I sit down and suddenly Hannah and Chris walk up, “Hello” really loudly, I think I jumped. They were off to a movie (with a few of their other friends) despite having left a fair while before me and had ended up on the same train.

Train to Box Hill. Eventually I hear my name. I see them in a reflection thinking that’s them, I turn around and find out differently. Jas and another guy are there. The other guy turns out to be Rod (Dave’s friend, and PG4G on gush). So we got lunch Rod talked his face off which was cool. We smelt a lot of gas simultaneously and so left the food court area quick smart. We walked around, Rod bought a CD. Sat down at a table belonging to some coffee shop which we didn’t frequent. Jas left for something briefly, Rod and I had a very out of the box conversation around well, stuff. One of those people who are massively easy to talk to – probably because he hardly stopped.

I had to get a bus at 3:11pm so we walked almost around the entire top of roof (bus zone) to find the right one. It was late. Said goodbye.

I got off the bus too early as my mind was elsewhere and so had to walk for about ten minutes in the blistering heat to get to where I was meant to be for my info session (at Deakin). I was still a bit early. So I stood around watching the papers people were holding to see if they were Interactive Media students.

A rough head count told me that there are 5 other girls and about 20 guys in my course. The info session didn’t give me too much more information than what I already knew, although it did go longer than Jess’s 10 minute one. The guy – Adrian (?), took us into the studio area which I’ve already seen. Now it’s up to me to work out what electives I do.

I can pretty much take a major in any other faculty. I will be looking at writing or photography maybe some psychology. I will go investigate that shortly.

Choices. I have until Tuesday, which is enrollment.

Centrelink has cancelled my Youth Allowance yet again, another long drama that I can base on their faulty services. I really hate Centrelink. The screw me around so much.

Well theres a boring ‘what I did’ post with a fair bit left out.

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