Melbourne is far too hot.

Laura and I decided to escape it around 2pm and ended up sitting at the movies. Memoirs of a Geisha. I really liked it. Long which was perfect. It should have ended unhappily though – there I’ve gone and spoiled the ending. Seriously, tragic endings, or just non-cliched live happily ever after endings are a good change once in a while. There is something oddly triumphant about a movie if it has a bit of desparation. I like to be frustrated upon occasion.

I don’t know how I was going to work this in, but I might as well dump it here as it hit me today, how its quite something when someone wants you but another thing completely when you can reciproate that and how if it’s only one sided it can make either person extremely selfish or the individual not on the ‘wanting’ end really callous. NB I am not refering to anyone at all, honest. These were just random thoughts surrounding myself, others, friends, people.

That saying. We had Caren’s 50th tonight (Jess’ mum) and seeing as we are sort of family friends of theirs now, we went. Sam was there – and so she and I had a big fat talk about various stuff going on in her life. I’m sure there was stuff left unsaid, but Sam I really appreciate you being so open with me and putting up with my ‘what about you do this’ kind of advice. To restate what I said, I’m only concerned about you doing something that might hurt you or you might regret and as a friend I don’t want to judge or have you feeling like I am doing that. There, heh I still can’t say it right.

A big long speech section. Entirely amusing as my family gathering things are quite different. Three of Jess younger cousins did this dance thing, which was quite hilarious and oh I don’t know how to say it… little kids are strange creatures.

I quite literally bumped into Roger as I was getting a drink (old Chem/Biol teacher) and so ended up chatting to him for a while. Sam and Laura showed up (and later Iain), it was like a mini MECS reunion. Scary stuff. He’s still the same old Rog, passionate about placentas and anything sciencey, the welfare of his students. Fantastic guy really, have a lot of respect for him. Most challenging teacher I’ve ever had.

Jess pulled Sam, Iain and I away to talk about what has now been dubbed, “The Experiment” and left Laura with Rog (hehehe – she was known to be ‘his teachers pet’).

The Experiment is the small group thing we were thinking of starting up this year – these thoughts were around the end of last year. We had a very cool relaxed/intense (yeah exact opposites I know) discussion around what we are going to do – if anything. So the said experiment shall supposedly start on the first Monday of Feb. I do not want it to be just another Bible study. We intend to build up some community – eat together and hopefully get out there and do something useful (soup kitchen ?? etc), read a bit of the word together, talk about what God has been doing in our lives, and hopefully learn from that. I guess the idea is to be really open about where God will take it. I am reasonably excited in an inside way (Yes! Wow Bec’s vaguely excited about something). I really would like to have/be involved in something that actually happens, that lives out life in the way Christians should be living instead of the same old, go to church, hear good stuff (or frustrating stuff) and just forget about it as soon as you leave the building. Pray that it works.

Jess left us and Sam and Iain and I moved outside where it was cooler. Had some random talk around well, relationships mostly (more Sam talk mostly :P) The clouds were fantastic tonight, wish I’d had a camera on me. Good lightning too.

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