Woe and Sadness


Just I as I get on my computer to have an afternoon of backing things up, it dies. Like zip, cuts out, nothing, finis, hem nao.

My mind works out I’ve been running on batteries the last day or so (saw that last night and didn’t pay much attention after I plugged it back in). I call dad over. There is no power coming to my computer at all. He thinks my power supply got fried in the lightning the past few days. He puts a meter on that. No problem there.

He makes me get everything out and I pull the I don’t know anything please help me female thing on him so that he can do the talking to customer service. Thankfully it’s still in waranty. He calls up – wait til office hours. It is Sunday.

Crappy Crappy Crap. I don’t like being patient.

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  1. said:

    arent fathers good for things like that…

    January 26, 2006

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