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Some blogs I’ve been reading lately (at the risk of people backlinking to me – which is an idea I’m thoroughly used to now).

Just Another Pretty Farce
which is one I tripped over yesterday I think, I like it’s outlook. It is far better written than mine is in general – but hey what a pity, if I slowed down and took my time instead of sitting on 40 degree days trying to words out faster than my fingers melt I might be okay.

Layer That May be Described as Emergent
This one is by Christop (gush) who also knows Jonny – if you still read this Jonny, he’s doing the Urban Seed thing this year with that relative of mine.

My friend Analise, whom I have yet to convince to change from msn spaces to something more worthy. There isn’t much here as it is brand spanking new, but if you dig around I believe there are some photos of my graduation (with me in them). Ana goes to my church or has been longer than I have and is deserting us to go to uni in Wodonga.

AJS Opinion(
I used to work with Snooky. At the moment it’s full of cricket, but I’ve been keeping half an eye on it. Cricket really holds minimal interest for me. Found a link through to Geoff Snook’s blog there also (just then) which is interesting as their family were in the Solomons and left a bit after we came I think he’s a couple years older than me if I recall rightly.

And that’s pretty much it aside from those I’ve mentioned before. All of which are rather slow. Write more will you!

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  1. said:

    i wrote more!

    almost 3500 words in one blog, over three parts…

    i couldnt help it if my internet was taking a holiday could i!

    January 26, 2006

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