How to write a classic

Wow I think I’ve found maybe 3 minutes of privacy in this house. The family computer is in HIGH HIGH demand (whereby I immediately get interupted by Emily looking for something on ebay that had to be done NOW).

To pretend like I’m online again. I can maybe give a quick summary of the more major events. If you even care. I mean I reverted to writing a massively long thing in my journal last night as I was so desperate, so you might get to read that later if I can be bothered typing it out.

As of yesterday, I am now offically a uni student. Enrollment was fairly painless (only took an hour) I’m apparently going to major in photography as it is currently far too awkward to take up anything from the professional/creative writing area – ie: I have to do something about writing and the law if I do anything at all on writing, that didn’t thrill me, so I’ll sit on that for another year.

So of the three electives I’ve chosen, two are on photography and one is on the Internet (webpage creating related, all the fiddly stuff that I can’t already do which I’m sure will bore me up the wall, but will be entirely useful nonetheless). The rest are BIM (Interactive Media) subjects, obviously and I am reasonably excited about the whole deal – while still being thoroughly mystified as to how I ended up chosing this course.

Lets see, this morning I managed to sort out Centre Link issues. After having my Youth Allowance again cancelled. I had my big long sorry story ready to tell, but I didn’t even have to use it. I hope I haven’t lied to them about my income as they made me rereport something I have definitely already given them. Which reminds me, I’d better clean out all my paper work and actually get something vaguely organised, at the moment it’s strewn all over my computer absent desk.

Computer is getting fixed. If for some odd reason they have to touch my harddrive I think I will cry for a week straight. I don’t really need another lesson in backing things up, I’ve had too many of those already.

Tomorrow morning the rest of my family are heading off on some holiday thing (to Bright I think) and I have opted out of joining them. I need some time to myself. Laura informed me this morning that she might be staying home as Jess has some doctors thing that she wouldn’t mind a friend be there for. Which is OK I suppose. I really wanted the time to myself, but yeh.

Minus computering I have had a great deal of time to read. So I’m ploughing my way through various classics and going for the read a book in one sitting thing. The Great Gatsby is astounding and produced all kinds of verbal exclamations (anywhere between wow, and yuck and crap (or worse)), Of Mice and Men was shockingly well, shocking. How to write a classic: have someone die in some horiffic/difficult/unusual cirucmstance and you have it made.

And that shall be all for now as I drew the ‘do the dishes’ piece of paper out of the hat and I have a driving lesson before lunch.

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