A Norah Jones morning. Reasonably lazy breakfast and utter productivity without hardly even trying.

They (the rest of my esteemed family) left at around 7:30 – an hour or so later than they intended. I got up around a similar time in order to hear out the last minute things.

So they left and that song “Come Away with Me” comes on and I can remember a class sometime last year where that was used to illustrate something of God. I think I need this time by myself – and despite last night’s semi-qualms and frustration at all the smoke in the area it is only clear skys this morning.

I had a brilliant dream last night. I rarely seem to dream and I think I’ve only ever had one dream that I’ve enjoyed just fractionally more than this one. I was with someone in a car, we were talking and laughing, just laughing and laughing and enjoying whatever it was we were saying and enjoying eachother. This indescribable joy that you seem to rarely find in life. I woke up without opening my eyes and thought, I want to remember this. I wish I could translate the feeling like the Giver can do to Jonas (in the book The Giver – Lowis Lowry :P).

Utter productivity after they’d left. Did the dishes and the washing and putting more on and clearing up around the place, closed the house to save what little attempt at cool and watered the plants. Got ready for work and have written a blog all before 9:00am.

Difficulty in getting to work today as it is Australia day and the busses aren’t running (and hey, I have payed, so my P’s should be booked as soon as she can get a good date). Jess it taking me to the station, and Wes (Sam’s dad) is going to pick me up this evening. Nothing like an 8 hour shift to combat the heat. Far better than being at home. We live in a hot house, or a cold house depending on the alternate weather to what’s desired.

Have a beautiful day.

Today I am an optimist.

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