External Sunshine

I like it how weather often matches your mood. Or perhaps it influences it. It can’t make it’s mind up today, it is confused, cloudy, foggy, warm, sunny, humid, blue skied, grey clouded, wet, dry, muggy, windy, still.

Sam stayed here last night. We spent $18 between us on 6 dvd’s. Have to love small town crappy video shop rental. We stayed up late for I Capture the Castle (which lived up to the book thank goodness), Mullet (I liked it because it was random, arthousey, pointless in a kind of way, it did get a little boring – I don’t think Sam liked it much), Raise Your Voice (The dud of the lot, we got it to have a chickflick no-brainer it hardly even qualified for that. Pathetic), and Pieces of April (dumbfoundingly good, eccentric and brilliant).

I made dinner before we started. Gnocchi. It was okay but I had no appetite again – a fall back from being sick. The idea of food still doesn’t thrill me much.

The phone woke me, and I got up groggily without bothering to even put my glasses on. My Grandma, she’d heard I was sick somehow. I love her to bits, but sometimes sleep is nicer (yes lets say that the cruel way). She asked if I had worked yesterday. I was that tired I couldn’t remember or even process what she’d said. I figured it was about 8 or 9am so told her I’d just woken up. Managed and answer and fell back in bed with a grunted good morning to Sam. The clock said 10:37am.

Sat down and watched the last two movies. A Girl with a Pearl Earing it was fairly good and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind how to describe that?


How badly that movie stuffed with my mind. How facinating. How frustrating. How good. How good. Movies – the stranger the better.

I again feel not entirely like running a marathon, I do not know if I will bother with dinner.

People are confusing me today. I am confusing me today. Life feels like a movie. I am in an incredibally sarcastic, petulant mood.

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  1. said:

    thankyou bec, i had a wonderful time at your house. you’re a good hostess.

    January 28, 2006

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