Looks like the big thought never came. Not onto paper nor about the thing it was going to be about anyway.

Please pray for me to get into a church/circle of friends where I can really be challenged, and maybe find someone vaguely mentorish again. I feel rather isolated in that respect.

I should have my P’s by the first week of March – although I have to go to Burwood now instead of Monbulk. Will have suceeded in getting them before I’m 20. It’s a start.


Big thoughts postponed.

I have been considering reminding Sam of something we were going to do ages ago: walk from where we are to the Woori Yallock Pub (at least that far, and then stop for lunch – I’ve been once and it’s got this stunning view. I want to go back). So I was ‘researching’ it and it’s a fair bit further than I originally thought – 16kms apparently. Mind you that takes you to the Woori Yallock Station which I think is further along. This still leaves me with the big unknown of, can you get up from the trail to the pub?

You can see the trail from the verandah, but there it’s seperated by several paddocks potentially non-scurt-throughable. And after several hours of walking that would definitely be a disappointment.

I will (if we ever do it) arrange to be picked up the other end. It would be torturous to go all the way back. It is times like this where I wish I owned a bike as it would make things a lot easier. But alas I do not, and frankly it doesn’t really make it on my ‘to get’ priority list.

on my travels (online) I found some websites to cry about.

SkyHigh’s website is none too inspiring which is a big pity because it can be spectacular and they spent enough money on having the actual place totally redone, you think after 3million dollars worth of improvements they might pay the site a little more attention than they have. The real secret is Bourke’s Lookout which is further around, far less known. The view across Melbourne is unbelievable if you score a clear night (or day).

Chris and Marie never inspired me, infact I can’t stand them. Their ads are annoying, their voices make me cringe, they are tacky, cheaply produced and pretty much drive me insane. Their supposedly big company (well *cough* marketed) has the crappiest website asthetically possible. hellohello.com.au should not be seen by any member of the public.

I knew Wombat Gully (the original) before they decided to go all huge as it was in Emerald a beautiful (if not out of the place) town because that’s where my Grandparents live. It used to be good nursery, very popular and apparently had quality plants. I’m no green thumb, not anymore so it’s second hand information. After the Chris and Marie thing took off, Wombat Gully devolved and eventually died (It might have been sold now, they definitely don’t own it anymore).

I personally think they just should have stayed as they were, the rest of Australia would be entirely grateful. Dare to disagree? If someone could be stuffed, they should put a proposal to make them a site that is half decent (think about it John :P). I doubt they’d spend the money though, as they seem to tape and star in all their own things – thinking about it, I bet one of them learnt a bit of FrontPage and thought they could produce something useable. Their handdrawn map is quite ‘cute’ but the rest…

It’ll be a marvellous day when they realise that the Chris and Marie thing just doesn’t do it for anyone.


Before I go on a (hopefully) big ramble on something I’ve been thinking about on and off, I thought I might mention some people (some very dead) I think would be quite cool to meet…

Corrie Ten Boom – Her story was fairly influential on me when I was younger (comic book form actually :P) I have a vague idea that it impacted me + Christianity although I can’t verify that as I have no record and a sketchy memory. I admire her courage.
Harper Lee – The author of To Kill a Mockingbird which is a book that makes me insanely frustrated about racism, it makes me really angry. I love it to bits. Maybe have a bit of a ‘share the rage’ fest.
C.S Lewis – I want the ins and outs of the Narnia books how much was intentional allegory, I would like to pick his brains on other stuff – such theories!
Leigh Nash – Sixpence None the Richer singer, simply because she didn’t answer my email or message or something about one of her songs and I want to know what it means… how hohum, pathetic.
Tolkein – because that would just be cool.
Jesus – 😉 eventually
Peter or Paul – I’ll list both as I can never remember which one it is (I picked one out specifically one time) as their character interested me.


‘I’ve been thinking a lot lately’


Had to laugh at what word of the day came up with. I think it has it in for me.

And so yesterday, I woke up again stuffed but with the brainwave of getting out of the house (an absolute necessity) early before the evenings doings.

So I did the whole shower thing, and wandered up to Sam’s. April started playing something on the piano – I can’t remember what it was now (a song I know) I somehow needed to hear it.

We got public transport with some really really strange characters. Watching a middle aged woman grinning oddly, smoking excessively and holding a small radio to her ear was an eye-raising experience. Mind you the whole time she was travelling inbetween train carriages until it started raining whereby she moved in to the opposite carriage (to my relief) as she continued smoking inside. There was also the guy who swore profusely at the woman who moved between carriages and failed to close the door – his wife/partner then had a loud verbal discussion with strangers about tax payer money being wasted.

We got lunch at McDonalds after both deciding we needed to cram ourselves full of junk. I ate too fast, but panadol had kicked in then so it was alright. We found our way to the NGV shop (Fed Square variety) where Sam got various cards and I wasted money on more artsy badges.

“How long has it been since you went to St. Pauls?” an innocent question and we ended up there briefly. Sam was looking in the shop bit, and I went and sat down and did the whole take some time to think/pray thing.

Bridge Rd for shopping. Which we did all afternoon. Managed not to spend too much. I tried on this really different, blue(ish) dress in one of the earlier places we were at. Pity I had nothing to wear it to, or I might have bought it. Found some cheap clothes. I ended up returning w/ two tops – oh and a book I got at Word to replace the one I gave away. Tried these weird shorts on (they had giraffes on them – really hard to explain) unfortunately they were too small because I rather liked them, but fortunately too small as it saved my pocket.

We had dinner at the same place we went last time, when I was in the area for the Sons of Korah concert. Decided just to grab something small as we thought we were going out afterwards, so we got got some Garlic Nann. The waitress gave us an incredulous kind of greasy. I was laughing about it after because her, “Is that all?!” was so put out.

Tasted great. Horrible garlic aftertaste though.

Found Jane in the line, then Jess C – went to pick up our tickets, they couldn’t find them at first so I played it patient (I wasn’t inside) and they found them.

Delirious concert. Hadn’t really heard them before. I ended up knowing far more than I expected. We lost Jane somewhere in the crowd – but she was with others anyway. Got seats, saved one for Paul whenever he would decide to show up. The guy behind us and the two beside us were joking around, should have asked their names. Asked if they needed the seat next to me no, and he did the smart thing of telling me to stop worrying about waiting for people and just enjoy it. Strange thing for a stranger to say really. I have this really bad habit of looking all over the place when I’m in a crowd either for people I know, or are waiting for.

I saw Sunil – did the whole doubletake, I think I know you thing (after I/he said Hi) but is that really you or am I just mixed up and did I just say hello to a stranger? Paul found us. We couldn’t spot Rowan anywhere. Amy Stennet (or Stennet as we all call her) was a couple rows behind us w/ Cam. Haha her personality is so consistent, funny girl.

It’s was a good night. I enjoyed it. The sad covers of a couple songs at the start by the YA band were nothing to rave about but Delirious were really good. I knew more than I expected.

Caught up with Rowan afterwards, introduced Paul, Jane found us again etc… met Jim (the YA guy who I guess organised my free ticket, he was cool) Thanks again John!

Jane stayed the night. Talked to her about some stuff in the morning, kind of nice to have another (Jane and I don’t know eachother that well) ear. Things shrink when you give them some time. There is a lot I can’t do, a lot out of my hands so I need to be content to just leave some things. She didn’t envy my position.

Oh, my computer is back!!! I think they replaced the fan or something, not really sure – I haven’t talked to Dad yet. I’m a happy girl.

Things aren’t so bad.