Climbing fences

Big thoughts postponed.

I have been considering reminding Sam of something we were going to do ages ago: walk from where we are to the Woori Yallock Pub (at least that far, and then stop for lunch – I’ve been once and it’s got this stunning view. I want to go back). So I was ‘researching’ it and it’s a fair bit further than I originally thought – 16kms apparently. Mind you that takes you to the Woori Yallock Station which I think is further along. This still leaves me with the big unknown of, can you get up from the trail to the pub?

You can see the trail from the verandah, but there it’s seperated by several paddocks potentially non-scurt-throughable. And after several hours of walking that would definitely be a disappointment.

I will (if we ever do it) arrange to be picked up the other end. It would be torturous to go all the way back. It is times like this where I wish I owned a bike as it would make things a lot easier. But alas I do not, and frankly it doesn’t really make it on my ‘to get’ priority list.

on my travels (online) I found some websites to cry about.

SkyHigh’s website is none too inspiring which is a big pity because it can be spectacular and they spent enough money on having the actual place totally redone, you think after 3million dollars worth of improvements they might pay the site a little more attention than they have. The real secret is Bourke’s Lookout which is further around, far less known. The view across Melbourne is unbelievable if you score a clear night (or day).

Chris and Marie never inspired me, infact I can’t stand them. Their ads are annoying, their voices make me cringe, they are tacky, cheaply produced and pretty much drive me insane. Their supposedly big company (well *cough* marketed) has the crappiest website asthetically possible. should not be seen by any member of the public.

I knew Wombat Gully (the original) before they decided to go all huge as it was in Emerald a beautiful (if not out of the place) town because that’s where my Grandparents live. It used to be good nursery, very popular and apparently had quality plants. I’m no green thumb, not anymore so it’s second hand information. After the Chris and Marie thing took off, Wombat Gully devolved and eventually died (It might have been sold now, they definitely don’t own it anymore).

I personally think they just should have stayed as they were, the rest of Australia would be entirely grateful. Dare to disagree? If someone could be stuffed, they should put a proposal to make them a site that is half decent (think about it John :P). I doubt they’d spend the money though, as they seem to tape and star in all their own things – thinking about it, I bet one of them learnt a bit of FrontPage and thought they could produce something useable. Their handdrawn map is quite ‘cute’ but the rest…

It’ll be a marvellous day when they realise that the Chris and Marie thing just doesn’t do it for anyone.

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  1. said:

    oh, is it really that far?

    we could do it, would just have to start early…

    very early…

    February 1, 2006

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