Wired brain

Something that was very helpful about the Delirious concert was the thing in me that remembered how much I like unsubtle God lyrics.

I’m a bit sick of God songs that can double as human/human love songs.

I was glancing back through the past lot of blogs and was half surprised at how little I’ve mentioned God over the past while. Which could be a reflection of where things are at – although I don’t think so because I know my mind and a lot of it does not make it into words. It is more like I’ve reverted to subtlety. Bah-Boom – not so good.

Raw, tangible something far more intergrated into my speech and life – where is it? It’s funny, I think God can dwell in our heads very easily, which just screams of easy/selfish whatevers and squashes Him into far less than what he is.

If you love someone or have something very important you talk about all the time, you think about it you live for it. Somethings getting a bit in the way of the thought to talk process. Hmm.

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