Well Laura can be pleased I didn’t crash her car. She drove to a work meeting (and Dad got me to tag along to drive back – which is good because more practice is probably a good thing). Wow being in a car with a learner is an… interesting experience.

Her car is alright. Nice steering and all that. I don’t really want a Pintara but hey – she’s the lucky duck who owns a car.

I shall be (nearly wrote ducking out, but the duck thing’s getting real old and it’s not a me’ism) going to Koorong tonight. To use up a Christmas voucher under the pretence of more driving practice etc… (101 ways to coerce fathers in doing what you want) I shall of course probably spend more money than what the piece of paper limits me to. It’s the kind of shop that lets you do that far too easily. So annoyingly expensive, and too many interesting books, (That saying, the voucher will probably go to music).

Work was full of oldies, oldies and mums buying Thomas the Tank books (only $2.95!) for their bored toddlers. I felt a tad strange again (as in sick strange) but grabbed water and my break before any repeat of last week happened. I’m working again tomorrow – starting at a far more reasonable hour, which means that I shall miss all the school kiddies and their jam like packaging into the bus which ususally makes good time. I was nearly late when I should’ve been early.

Emily is down at the blood bank donating, wow get this: blood! Funny really, because she’s the cringy one about raw meat and the like, (OK can’t say I don’t have my moments) but I’m not really brave enough to do so even though it would be helping someone.

I always (through) school considered myself exempt with a legimate excuse. I’ve had Malaria at least three times significantly and probably multiple other times to a lesser extent. On top of that, suspected Hepatitis (whatever kind you get from food). Laura definitely had that as she went all yellow. Em and I were sick around the same time, but not quite like what L got. Ah yes, that was an interesting holiday (Brisbane) -I distinctly recall throwing up in the carpark of Pizza Hut. All such diseases and maladys should be an authentic reason NOT to give blood.

Emily has had Malaria, far more times than I ever got it. Blame the inability of chlorquine – horrible stuff, whoever discovered artimether is an absolute genius, even if you can’t exactly get it across the counter legally. She had the same suspect Hep as me. And yet still she willingly goes down there.

Simple: I suck. I’m a coward.
She’s brave. I don’t envy her in the slightest, though it does make me a bit ashamed.

hmm… I never signed up for the organ donor thing either, (Or was that a ‘no, I wont do that’ after reading just a little too much Grisham :\)

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  1. Tom said:

    They test your blood before they use it, and if it’s not suitable then they say “uh hey yeah please never give blood again ever kthx”
    Even before you do the donor thing they do a quiz to find out if it’s even worth trying.
    … I know, you already worked through this, but yeah.

    February 3, 2006

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