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A couple of things. Blogs are vastly more interesting when they are vaguely interactive, so Comment please on a regular basis!

I have 39 blogs on my bloglines reader – some I should probably get rid of. It decides upon occasion to not work on certain individuals, hence why I have not read yours Katie in ages. I decided to check it and woah there was stuff there. Sorry about that. Monday for catching up should be good (if it suits Jo?).

Sam, can you please give me Jess V’s blog address again, I have misplaced it (and has she changed from msn spaces yet?).

Spent all afternoon driving around unfamiliar suburbs. Footscray, Brunswick etc. Dad was taking me for practice and to car hunt. A couple of possibilities that weren’t. I want a corolla, I’ve got this funny mindset that wont budge too much – it could become problematic when it comes to crunch time.

Nearly managed to wrangle a deal (or Dad did) over a Nissan Pulsar (Red for those who like to know the colour) but they wouldn’t quite do what we wanted so I did the whole ‘nup’. Stubborn me, salesmen unlikely to ever push me over, or dad really because he was the one doing most of the talking. The previous one that we looked at was an easy no-go, besides, who would buy a car off a guy named Shady!

So… it’s a continual hunt for an automatic with power steering for not much more than $2,000. I really don’t want to get a once owned by a smoker’s car, but that sadly seems highly impossible. Ah well. Until then I’ll just borrow Laura’s car or something. She’ll be forever getting her P’s.

I dropped myself off at Sam’s house on the way down and relinquished the keys back to Dad. Got to meet AndyJ (who turned out to be related to Sam oddly enough). He was very quiet. Reminds me a little of Mish, just facially or something.

more potentially later, as most of these blogs lately have just been about the doings. Actually yes, more later because I have something I want to think outloud about. FEEDBACK is always good.

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  1. said:

    hello! have fun looking for cars…. glad i havent had to do that yet.
    tell jo to hurry up and check her email so we can arrange something
    39 blogs is quite a lot to be bloglining 😛
    hows this for a good comment…
    (your post has disappeared so i cant remember what was in it properly so im just doing random things).
    i bought 5 books this week. WOAH. i havent bought books that werent school related like since ever. since back in the day of school fairs (where they were 20-50c each).
    ok im done spamming your blog now… but be appreciative of the comment 🙂

    February 4, 2006

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