Last night when blogger refused to post

Lovely euphoria of sleepiness but aware of stupidity of allowing myself online. I should just be in bed.

Eight hour shifts aren’t so wonderful. Okay in themselves, just very long. Dave was beautifully kind to drop in to say hello and bring me ginger beer. Thanks Dave!

McDonalds – when the odd fancy takes me to buy the stuff, declares itself to make quality food. Can you say ‘be adventurous’ and McDonalds in the same sentence? I was like, ‘Hey, why not. I’ll get a fillet of fish burger simply because I haven’t ever bothered before’. It tasted like cardboard. I even had them put lettuce on it. I wont be bothering again.

I love customers who say, “I really appreciate it…” etc/similar AND mean it! (Oh you can tell how genuine someone is being, believe me).

Someone called me Bec on the phone today (at work) when I used Rebecca. How disconcerting.

There was a lady in today. Looking for a poem to read at a funeral (husband). Jess was dealing with her, but I ended up serving her. Not really the kind of person you say, “Have a nice day” to. She was so close to crying. I felt rather bad doing the whole, “That’s $19.95″ thing”. Jess filled in the blank for me with a, “Take care.” so I now have a new phrase… *hohum face* not something I would really ever say I don’t think, but suitable, I was glad for it. She bought a book called Funeral Poems which was exceedingly depressing, they shouldn’t sell books like that.

The other strange book of the day was one called Wood it costs almost $90 and is no bigger than a novel. Hardback yes, but ridiculously over priced. I was stickering and found it, a special order. Special fool. I suppose if you are enthused about dead trees.

Now for sleep. Or more of a book I bought the other day (it being cheap) “Search for a Proverbs 31 Man”. Laugh away. It’s quite interesting and life insightful. Written for all varieties, male, female, single, married etc.

Bed! Here I come!

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